Help Your Cattle Stay Healthy This Spring with New Grass Turnout Guide

Is the grass greener on the other side of the fence? Get ready for spring turnout with the newly launched FBN® Grass Turnout Guide.

Download the Free FBN Grass Turnout Guide

As the weather warms up and the grass turns green, it’s time for cattle to move from pen to pasture. Not only can this be a stressful event, but spring grass is also a dramatic diet change.

The FBN Grass Turnout Guide helps producers prepare their cattle for grass turnout. A quick but important read, this guide covers breeding and reproduction, disease prevention and fly control, providing farmers with essential background information and animal healthcare options. 

Breeding and Reproduction

Learn when breeding soundness exams are necessary and how to determine if your cows should be vaccinated. Get a list of reproductive and pre-breed shots that can be ordered directly through FBN.

Disease Prevention

Clostridial diseases and pinkeye commonly impact cattle in the spring. Learn how to prevent them and find recommended animal health products sold through FBN to combat attacks on herd health.

Fly Control

Did you know that for every one fly you kill in April and May, there will be 80,000 fewer flies in August and September? We’ve rounded up a list of the fly sprays, tags, baits, and traps available at FBN to help manage fly populations on your operation so you can maintain a healthy herd.

Grass Turnout Essentials from FBN

As you review your grass turnout management practices, turn to FBN for the products and supplies you need. When you order vaccines, fly control products, reproductive health products, pasture sprays, feed and implants through FBN Direct, you can:

  • Access exclusive sale offers and get transparent pricing 

  • Shop online at the most convenient time for you, instead of within the limited operating hours of brick-and-mortar stores 

  • Get orders dropped off right at your farm so you don’t have to drive into town to pick them up

Download the Grass Turnout Guide.

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