Answering Your FAQs About Norm, the AI Ag Advisor

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Apr 01, 2023

We’re excited to share that FBN®’s artificial intelligence (‘AI') Ag Advisor, Norm is coming soon. Built off of ChatGPT’s language model, Norm is trained to provide high quality agronomy content. 

While he's currently in a closed beta for a select group of FBN members, Norm will soon be accessible to all FBN members as a powerful tool to help farmers answer questions about agronomy, farm management and more. 

Q: What kind of questions can I ask Norm?

A: You can ask Norm anything! But Norm’s specialty is agriculture and agronomy. He may not answer questions that are too far afield from his core expertise. 

Q: How does Norm work?

A: Norm is powered by advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms. It processes your questions and provides answers based on its vast knowledge of agriculture and the context it can understand from your input. Norm continuously learns from interactions with users, improving its accuracy and relevance over time.

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Q: What is Artificial Intelligence and how does it work?

A: Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of computers to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as recognizing speech or images, making decisions, and learning from data. AI algorithms use vast amounts of data to identify patterns and make predictions, much like humans do. Norm uses a specific type of AI called large language models, which take large bodies of text and use that to generate answers to questions (or ‘prompts’) by predicting the likeliest response. The response quality depends on the specificity of the ‘prompt’ and the relevance of the data that it was fed.

Q: How is Norm different from ChatGPT3.5?

A: Norm is built off of ChatGPT3.5, but FBN’s Data Science team does a lot to ‘teach’ or ‘train’ Norm about agriculture. This includes giving Norm large amounts of high-quality information about agriculture and all facets agronomy. 

Q: How does Norm ‘learn’ about Agronomy?

A: The training includes feeding Norm data from the USDA, Ag Extension Services, Agronomy Publications, FBN’s blogs and other industry sources. We do not provide Norm with any farmer data, except that which is aggregated into FBN Reports.

Q: Is my personal information and data secure with Norm?

A: Data privacy and security are top priorities for FBN and for Norm. All your interactions and personal information are encrypted and stored securely. Norm is not trained on farmer data, but does learn from FBN’s aggregated reports. Norm may use your profile location information to provide more tailored responses to you and only you.

Q: What are the limitations of Norm?

A: While Norm is designed to provide helpful agricultural information, it is not a replacement for consulting with a trained agronomist. Norm's knowledge is based on general agricultural principles and may not always account for specific regional, environmental, or farm-specific factors. Additionally, it is an AI-based tool and not a human expert, so there may be occasional inaccuracies or misunderstandings. Always verify the information provided and consult with an expert when making critical decisions.

Q: How can I help improve Norm?

A: As a user of Norm, your feedback is invaluable for improving its accuracy and functionality. If you encounter any issues or inaccuracies, please report them through Norm's feedback feature. Your input will help us refine Norm and make it a more effective tool for farmers.

Q: Can Norm understand and respond to complex questions?

A: Norm is designed to understand and respond to a wide range of agricultural questions, including complex queries. However, it may occasionally struggle with highly specialized or technical questions. In such cases, feel free to rephrase your question or provide additional context to help Norm better understand your query.

Q: How frequently is Norm updated with new agricultural information?

A: Norm is regularly updated with the latest agricultural research and information. This ensures that the advice it provides is based on current best practices and up-to-date knowledge. However, it is important to keep in mind that Norm's knowledge is limited to the information available up to its last update, and some newer research may not be immediately incorporated.

Q: Can Norm learn from my specific farming practices and conditions?

A: Norm is designed to adapt its responses based on the information you provide about your farm and practices. While it can't physically observe your farm, it uses the data you input to offer tailored advice and recommendations. Sharing accurate and detailed information about your farm will help Norm better understand your specific needs and provide more relevant suggestions.

Q: Will Norm work with slow or unstable internet connections?

A: Norm is designed to be accessible on various internet speeds and should work with slow or unstable connections. However, response times may be longer and certain features might be limited or unavailable under these conditions. For the best experience, a stable internet connection is recommended.

Q: How do I report an issue or suggest a new feature for Norm?

A: If you experience any issues or have suggestions for new features, please use contact We’re in the opening innings of innovation with this new tool and we are excited to hear your ideas! 

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Apr 01, 2023

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