How do I see my order history and order status?

Feb 22, 2021

View your orders and check the status in or in the mobile app through the Order History page.

  • Orders will be sorted by the order date with your latest order listed first.

  • See the Status bar for the latest status. If the status shows “Blocked”, click on View Order Details to review the pending action items to complete. 

  • View Order Details will also show all items on the order including the item’s (estimated or delivered) delivery date and tracking number if available.

How to access order history - web instructions
  • Sign in to your account at

  • Click on the Shop tab at the top and then click on Order History in the lefthand menu.

  • You’ll now be on the “Your Orders” page.

How to access order history - mobile app instructions
  • Sign in to the mobile app.

  • Tap on the Menu tab at the bottom of the screen.

  • Tap on Shop and then tap Order History.

  • You’ll now be on the “Your Orders” page.

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