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Where to find good land investors for expansion?

Hi was curious if anyone had any good ideas how to find investors for land.. I farm an would like to expand but some of the pieces would like to buy are to large...but would still be able to farm it..I posting anonymous because I figure some info better off with out people needing to know who if the person needs to know then they can ask..and I'll contact em 😉

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Reach out to the Lawrence Group in Memphis on your land investor needs. They are always expanding it seems.

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Up here in Illinois there is a group called the Chicago Farmers. Members are mainly farmland investors or offspring that inherited land. The group would have winter meeting where vendors would set up booths such as management companies, Ducks Unlimited and farmers looking for investors. A few would find investors or investors with 1031 exchanges would find them.

Write up a good resume with pictures or a website of your operation and get in touch with real estate agents that do housing developments they might be interested in parking money in farmland if needing to do a 1031 exchange.

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Ok thanks for the ideas!! Any more would be welcome an greatly appreciated.. I was curious if any one on here has used acre trader to expand?

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