Rebecca Willison
FBN Employee


2024 FBN Planting Intentions Report

Earlier this week FBN released our 2024 Planting Intentions Report ahead of the USDA Prospective Plantings Report. A big thanks to everyone who responded to the survey! Your participation what gives FBN such a successful track record at predicting the USDA corn and soybeans acreage compared to other analysts.

The key findings this year are:

- U.S. corn planted acres are projected at 89.7 million acres, down 5% from 2023

- U.S. soybean planted acres are projected at 87 million acres, up 4% from 2023

- We're projecting a decline in planted acres for sorghum and wheat, with a moderate increase in cotton planted acres.

To see how FBN did compared to USDA and other analysts, check out the blog post at and find the report at