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What is a Small farm in today's standards and what is the future for said farm?

Go big or go home?

Can you afford to be small?

Can you Staff a larger operation?

What are we losing by becoming corporate Ag.

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I think that size is gonna be different by region. I’d say a small farm would be one that you can’t support yourself/family on without an off farm job. Future will likely depend on if all the acres are rented or owned. If rented, what’s the relationship with the landlord?

If you go big, who are you taking ground from? How is that any better from the BTO in the area?

Define corporate ag? Are you talking Tyson owning ground & controlling from field to table or just a farm that is incorporated, which technically is corporate ag?

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I think the last post about being able to support a family without off farm jobs is accurate if you need a definition. However, smallish farms can be quite profitable and rewarding if done right. Basically, you need to sell a product or service to the end user or as close as possible, and you need to do that every day. Such as, directly consumed fruits and veggies, meat, hunting, or farm experiences etc. Anything where YOU add the value and You provide what the customer needs. And do it well!

Do not try to compete in the same businesses as the larger farms with commodities as the margins for a commodity are too low without volume.

Good luck, a lot of people want to see you succeed.

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We definitely lost something when agriculture started consolidating animals. Not saying it's wrong, just seeing the trends. More weed and insect pressure, because of less crop rotation, more ground exposed for longer periods of time. Cover crops definitely a step in the right direction. The biological activities that benefit from animal manure, animal grazing, are yet to be fully understood.

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