10 Free FBN® Educational Resources to Help Grow Your Farm

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Jun 18, 2024

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If you’re looking for in-depth tips on how to manage your livestock, nourish and protect your crops, make informed land and equipment purchasing decisions, and calculate your balance and cash flow, FBN offers a diverse library of free guides, webinars, and templates. 

Here’s a roundup of just a few of the free resources we offer.

1. 2024 Weather Outlook: Key Strategies for a Successful Season

Temperature swings, drought, and floods from El Niño and La Niña are poised to impact 2024 crop production. In this on-demand webinar, an expert panel discusses proactive agronomic strategies you can take for crop protection during extreme weather conditions. 

Watch the Webinar 2024 Weather Outlook: Key Strategies for a Success Season

2. Grass Turnout Guide

Learn best practices to help ensure a successful grass turnout with the free product guide, which includes recommendations on animal health supplies for breeding and reproduction, disease prevention, and fly control. 

Get Your Copy of the Grass Turnout Guide

3. How to Find Farmland for Sale

Investing in land can be one of the most important decisions a farmer can make — and often one of the most daunting. This comprehensive guide from FBN Finance discloses six methods for finding farmland for sale, reveals a new land evaluation tool, and outlines farm financing solutions.

Get Your Copy of How to Find Farmland for Sale

4. 6 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Farmland

Learn six strategies from FBN Finance that can help you enhance your farmland value, plus understand how to assess which strategy is right for your ag operation and what to consider when you move forward with optimizing your property. 

Get Your Copy of 6 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Farmland

5. Equipment Purchase Checklist

With the right equipment, you can unlock the full potential of your farm. This handy checklist from FBN Finance simplifies the process by laying out how to determine your machinery budget, the pros and cons associated with both new and used equipment, and red flags to be on alert for when inspecting equipment.  

Get Your Copy of Equipment Purchase Checklist

6. Balance Sheet Template

Use this Excel template from FBN Finance to better understand your ag operation’s financial position. The guided calculations will help you assess cash flow, current assets and liabilities, and intermediate and long-term payment schedules.

Get Your Copy of the Balance Sheet Template

7. Cash Flow Projection Template

Make informed business decisions by forecasting your cash flow. Unlock this free Excel template to calculate income, expenses, and net operating margin.

Get Your Copy of the Cash Flow Projection Template

8. FBN Crop Protection Guide

Establishing a robust crop protection program can help manage weeds, disease, and insects in your fields and maximize yield. Learn about FBN’s portfolio of high-value crop protection products in this guide.

Get Your Copy of FBN Crop Protection Guide

9. Case Study: Inhabit P™

Requiring 10 times less product than conventional corn starter fertilizer to attain the same result, Inhabit P™ consistently demonstrates a higher return on investment and a matching yield. Download the case study to find out more about how it improves soil health in the long-term and enables more robust root development.

Get Your Copy of Case Study: Inhabit P™

10. How to Order Prescription Animal Health Products on FBN

Ordering prescriptions online for prompt delivery to your farm is easy with FBN. This one-pager clearly outlines the step-by-step process for getting your prescription orders processed through the FBN platform. 

Get Your Copy of How to Order Prescription Products on FBN

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Jun 18, 2024

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