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Every product that labels CHEESEWEED as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
Accord® XRT II HerbicideAim® EC HerbicideAim® EW HerbicideAlion® HerbicideAntik™ ECAquamaster®Aquesta™ 4 FBuccaneer® 5 ExtraChateau® EZChateau® Herbicide SWCleantraxx™Collide™ HerbicideCorsican HerbicideCredit® 41 ExtraCredit® 5.4 ExtraDacthal® FlowableDacthal® W-75 HerbicideDerive 75 DFDetail® powered by Kixor® herbicideDimetric® DF 75%Dimetric® EXTDimetric® LiquidDuPont Matrix® SGEmbark® 2S IVM Plant Growth RegulatorEsplAnade® SureFinale® XL F-VM herbicideFinale® XL T&O herbicideFlumi® 51 WDGFlumi® SX HerbicideFlumioxazin 51% WDG (Redeagle)Galigan® 2EGaligan® H2O HerbicideGlory®Glyfos® X-TRA HerbicideGlyphogan® HerbicideGlyphosate 4 PlusGoal® 2XL HerbicideGoal® 2XL HerbicideGoalTender® HerbicideGoalTender® HerbicideGovee™IntensaKasai™Kerb® 50-W HerbicideKerb® SCKerb® SC (RUP)Longbow™ ECMatrix® SGMaxunitech Carfentrazone + Sulfentrazone SEMaxunitech Sulfentrazone 4 SC HerbicideMe-Try-Buzin™ 75DFMetribuzin 75Metribuzin 75DFMetricor™ DFMetrixxMetrixx 75DFOmni® Brand Metribuzin 75 DFOpTill® powered by Kixor® herbicideOpTill® PRO Herbicide (Liquid)OpTill® PRO powered by Kixor® herbicideOutflank™Oxyfluorfen 2E HerbicideOxyStar® 2EOxystar® 4LPanther® HerbicidePanther® MTZ HerbicidePanther® SC HerbicidePhoenix Starfighter® 2GPindar® GTPrometryne 4L HerbicideQuinark™ EWRancor™ 75 DFRanger PRO® HerbicideRanger PRO® Herbicide (Monsanto)Razor Burn®Razor® Xtreme HerbicideRedEagle Flumioxazin 51% WDG Specialty + Field (California)Ronstar® 50 WSPRonstar® FloRonstar® GRoundup Custom®Roundup Custom® (Monsanto)Roundup PRO® ConcentrateRoundup PRO® Concentrate (Monsanto)Roundup PRO® HerbicideRoundup PRO® Herbicide (Monsanto)Roundup PROMAX® HerbicideRoundup PROMAX® Herbicide (Monsanto)Roundup QuikPRO®Roundup QuikPRO™ (Monsanto)Roundup Ultra®Sage™ScrollOVR™Scroll™ 2 XLShark® EWSharpen® powered by Kixor® herbicideShutdown™ HerbicideSpartan® 4FSpartan® ChargeSpartan® FL 4FSulfentrazone 4LSulfin® 4SCSunphosate 41%Testify™Touchdown Total®Treevix® powered by Kixor® herbicideTriCor® DFTuscany®Tuscany® SC HerbicideValor® EZ Herbicide¹Valor® EZ Herbicide²Valor® SX HerbicideVarsity®Varsity® SCVerdict® powered by Kixor® herbicideWarfox™Willowood Metribuzin 75DFWillowood OxyFlo 2ECWillowood OxyFlo 4SCWillowood Pronamide 3.3SCWillowood Pronamide 50WSPWillowood Sulfen 4SCWillowood Sulfen 4SCZaltus™ SCZeus® Prime XCZeus® XCZone 4F