Lambsquarters, bearing the scientific name Chenopodium album, is a weed that can significantly undermine yield if not effectively controlled. Lambsquarters can overshadow crops, impeding their ability to photosynthesize and grow. It can also compete for soil nutrients, leading to nutrient deficiencies and potentially even plant death.

(Image Credit: Howard F. Schwartz, Colorado State University,

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How to Identify Lambsquarter

To identify lambsquarters, look out for the unique leaf shape and the small green flowers. The leaves alternate, with the lower leaves resembling a goosefoot and the upper leaves appearing narrower and lance-shaped. The plant sprouts small green flowers in clusters atop the plant.

Lambsquarter is a broadleaf weed that can tower up to 1–2 meters high. It boasts a robust, erect stem often exhibiting reddish or striped hues.

The plant also exhibits a mealy, or powdery, coating on the younger leaves and stems, which can aid in identification.

Image Credit: Phil Westra, Colorado State University,


Geographic Impact of Lambsquarter

Lambsquarter is widespread across North America, Europe, and parts of Asia. It is particularly prevalent in the United States' Midwest, where corn is a significant crop.

Lambsquarter is a resilient weed, capable of thriving in diverse soil conditions. However, it has a preference for nutrient-rich, disturbed soils. It often pioneers the colonization of fallow fields and can serve as an indicator of soil fertility.

Timing of Lambsquarter Emergence

Lambsquarter is a summer annual weed, germinating in the spring and growing throughout the summer. It is often among the first weeds to emerge in the spring, frequently before corn planting.

Image Credit: Howard F. Schwartz, Colorado State University,


How to Manage Lambsquarter in Corn in USA and Canada

Lambsquarter poses a significant threat to corn production. However, with accurate identification and effective management, its impact can be mitigated.

USA Lambsquarters Solutions


To manage lambsquarters in corn, use Willowood Mesotrione 4SC or GCS Atrazine 4L* (this is a restricted use product). Note that atrazine will not be effective on triazine-resistant biotypes.

Canada Lambsquarters Solutions

There are Canadian products available that can help manage lambsquarters. Some products containing 2,4 D, Dicamba, or Bromoxynil are labeled for use with corn to control lambsquarters. There are other products with a stronger residual such as Penshui (this has a similar active as Prowl H2O) and is registered in eastern Canada only.

How to Manage Lambsquarters in Wheat in USA and Canada

Early identification and effective management of this weed are crucial for maintaining healthy, productive wheat crops. 

USA Lambsquarters Solutions


Apply Huskie® Herbicide post-emergence in fall or spring after the crop reaches the 1-leaf stage and up to flag leaf emergence. Apply with AMS (0.5 to 1 lb/A) for the most effective weed control. 


Apply any of the following:

Canada Lambsquarters Solutions

FBN® offers a variety of products that will help growers control lambsquarters in wheat.

Pre-Burndown Options:

In-Crop Options:

glypho 5

How to Manage Lambsquarters in Soybeans in USA and Canada

Early identification and management of this weed are crucial to prevent yield loss. There are herbicide-resistant populations documented for Group 2 (Harmony/Raptor) and Group 5 herbicides (atrazine/metribuzin). Common lambsquarters is most effectively controlled by applying full rates of soil-applied herbicides prior to or at planting. Post-emergence options are less effective and efficacy varies depending on weed size. 

It's important to follow the instructions and guidelines provided on the labels for proper and effective use of herbicides.

USA Lambsquarters Solutions


For managing lambsquarters in soybean, consider OpTill® PRO powered by Kixor® herbicide, which contains Imazethapyr and Saflufenacil as active ingredients. This herbicide is labeled for use with soybeans and is effective against common lambsquarters. You can find it available from FBN®.

OptTill PRO will not be effective on Group 2 (ALS-inhibitor) resistant weed populations. Instead, Authority Maxx and Willowood Sulfen Cloran are good options to control both Group 2 and Group 5 resistant weed populations. 



Use 2,4-D LV6 Value Pick plus Willowood Glypho 5 or Willowood Paraquat 3SL for burndown of common lambsquarters. Note that seven days are needed between 2,4-D ester application and soybean planting. Willowood Paraquat 3SL is a restricted use product.

Canada Lambsquarters Solutions

Pre-Burndown Options:

In-Crop Options:

Willowood Glufosinate 280SL


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AmineCornbelt® 4Lb. Lo Vol EsterCornbelt® 6Lb. Lo Vol EsterCornbelt® Atrazine 4LCornbelt® Atrazine 90DFCornbelt® SalvanCornerstone K HerbicideCornerstone®Cornerstone® 5 PlusCornerstone® Plus (1381-192)Cornerstone® Plus (524-454-1381)CorvetteCotoran® 4LCotton-Pro®Craze®Credit® 41 ExtraCredit® 5.4 ExtraCredit® XtremeCrossroad®Curio® HerbicideDagger®De-Ester™LV4Degree Xtra® HerbicideDegree Xtra® HerbicideDegree® HerbicideDerive 75 DFDerive® 4LDesperado® Selective HerbicideDetermine™ 4LDevrinol® 2-XTDevrinol® 50-DFDevrinol® 50-DF OrnamentalDevrinol® DF-XTDevrinol® DF-XT OrnamentalDicamba De-Amine®Dimetric® DF 75%Dimetric® EXTDimetric® LiquidDirex® 4LDiuron 4LDiuron 4LDiuron 4LDiuron 4L (Drexel)Diuron 80Diuron 80 DFDiuron 80 WDG Weed KillerDiuron 80DFDouble Up® B+DDri-Clean® HerbicideDrillDual MAGNUM®Duramax® HerbicideDurango® DMA® HerbicideDurango® DMA® HerbicideE-2 HerbicideEcomazapyr 2 SLElectra 5.6LElement® 3A Specialty HerbicideElement® 4 Specialty HerbicideElliptical™ HerbicideEndRun®Enlist Duo™ Herbicide with Colex D TechnologyEnlist One™Enlite®Envive®Envive® HerbicideEnvy™Envy™ IntenseEnvy™ Six MaxEscalade® 2Escort® XPEscort® XPEssensaEtcetraEverpreX™Evik® DFFallOut™ HerbicideFallow Master® BroadspectrumFarmer's First™ Acetochlor 7EC HerbicideFearlessFearless Xtra 5.6LFearless Xtra HerbicideFinal-San-OFinale®Finesse® Cereal and FallowFinesse® Cereal and Fallow HerbicideFinesse® Grass & Broadleaf HerbicideFireBallFMC Report® ExtraForestry Garlon® 4 Specialty HerbicideForestry Garlon® XRT Specialty HerbicideFormula 40®ForrestFoundation® Turf HerbicideFour Power Plus®Fugitive®Full Deck™Galigan® H2O HerbicideGallatin™Galvan®Garlon® 3A Specialty HerbicideGarlon® 4 Specialty HerbicideGarlon® 4 Ultra Specialty HerbicideGarlon® XRTGCS Acetochlor 7ECGCS Atrazine 4LGCS Atrazine 90DFGCS Flumet 80WDGGCS Metola Plus 8ECGF-3335Glean XP HerbicideGlean® Fertilizer Compatible HerbicideGlean® XPGlory®Glory® 4LGly Star® 5 ExtraGly Star® GoldGly Star® K-PlusGly Star® OriginalGly Star® PlusGly Star® Pro Grass and Weed KillerGlyfine™ PlusGlyfos® X-TRA HerbicideGlyphogan® HerbicideGlyphogan® Plus HerbicideGlyphosate 4 PlusGovee™Graslan® LGravitas®Grazon® P+D Specialty HerbicideGrazonPD3™GunSlinger®Gunslinger® P+DHABITAT® herbicideHamper™ HerbicideHamper™ II HerbicideHarass® HerbicideHarmony® GT XPHarmony® SG Herbicide (with TotalSol®)Harmony® SG with TotalSol®Harness® 20G HerbicideHarness® HerbicideHarness® Herbicide (Monsanto)Harness® XtraHarness® Xtra (Monsanto)Harness® Xtra 5.6 LHarness® Xtra 5.6LHarrow™Hat Trick® Three Way HerbicideHeadwinHelena Atrazine 4F HerbicideHelena Atrazine 90-DGHelmetHelmet SPCHi-Dep® Broadleaf HerbicideHi-Dep® IVM Broadleaf HerbicideHoncho® HerbicideHoncho® K6 HerbicideHoncho® K6 Herbicide (Monsanto)Honcho® PlusHorsepower® Selective HerbicideHoss® UltraHyvar® XHyvar® XHyvar® X CropHyvar® X-LHyvar® X-LImazethapyr 2 SLImitator® 18% ConcentrateImitator® 25% ConcentrateImitator® PlusInfantry™ 4LInfantry™ 90DFIntermoc™Intrro®K-Pam® HLKarmex® DFKleenUp® Pro HerbicideKochiavore®Krovar® DF Crop HerbicideKrovar® I DFKrovar® I DF HerbicideLademLadem ATLandmaster® BWLandmaster® II HerbicideLariat®Last Call™ Selective HerbicideLifeline®Lima 6Lineage® Clearstand® HerbicideLow Vol 4 Ester Weed KillerLow Vol 6 Ester Weed KillerLuxxur A HerbicideMad Dog®Mad Dog® 5.4Mad Dog® PlusMakaze Yield Pro®Makaze® HerbicideMalibu™Mamba™Manor® Selective HerbicideMatador®Matador®-SMauler™ HerbicideMaxunitech Carfentrazone + Sulfentrazone SEMCP Amine 4MCP Ester 4 HerbicideMCPA AmineMCPA Amine 4MCPA Amine 4 (Albaugh)MCPA Ester 4MCPA Ester 4MCPA L. V. 4 EsterMCPA-4 AmineMCPE PhenoxyMCPP-p 4 AmineMe-Too-Lachlor™Me-Too-Lachlor™ IIMe-Try-Buzin™ 4LMe-Try-Buzin™ 75DFMec Amine-D®Mecomec® 4 Turf HerbicideMedal®Medal® IIMedal® II ATMedal® II ATZMetalicaMetam CLR™ 42%Metam KLR™ 54%Metolachlor 8EMetribuzin 4LMetribuzin 75Metribuzin 75DFMetricor™ 4FMetricor™ DFMetriflex 4SCMetrixxMetrixx 75DFMetrixx PlusMetrixx SCMezaVue™Micro-Tech®Milestone® Specialty HerbicideMilestone® VM Plus Specialty HerbicideMilestone® VM Specialty HerbicideMilo-Pro®Mirage® (524-445-34704)Moccasin™Moccasin™ II PlusMojave 70 EGMongoose™ HerbicideMSM 60WDG Select™MTZ Co-PackNufarm Double O™ SPC HerbicideNufarm Imazuron™ HerbicideNufarm Polaris® AC Complete HerbicideNufarm Polaris® AC HerbicideNufarm Polaris® HerbicideNufarm Polaris® SPOmni® Brand Metribuzin 75 DFOpportunityOpti-Amine®Orchard Master® Broadleaf HerbicideOrchard Master® CA Broadleaf HerbicideOrion® HerbicideOryzalin 4 A.S. HerbicideOust® ExtraOust® ExtraOxyStar® 2EPacoParallel® HerbicideParallel® PCS HerbicideParallel® PlusParrot™ 4LParrot™ DFPastora®Pasture Pro® HerbicidePastureGard® HLPastureGard® Specialty HerbicidePatriot® HerbicidePatron® 170Payback ATZPendulum® 2G granule herbicidePendulum® 3.3 EC herbicidePendulum® AquaCap™ herbicidePerfection® Weed & Feed 21-7-14Permit Plus®Perspective®Phenomenon™Phenomenon™ DuoPhoenix Hammerkop™ HydroCapPhoenix Harrier® 4LPhoenix Starfighter® 2GPicturePin-Dee™ 3.3 ECPin-Dee™ 3.3 T & OPowerZone® Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfPraxisPre-San® Granular 12.5GPrefar® 4-EPrescott HerbicidePrincep® Caliber 90® HerbicidePriority 8EPriority® MTZProgeny® HerbicidePrometryne 4L HerbicidePunchPyresta®Pyrimax™ 3.2 L HerbicidePysonex™ HerbicidePython® HerbicideQ4® Plus Turf Herbicide Grassy & Broadleaf WeedsQuincept®Rancor™ 4 FRancor™ 75 DFRanger PRO® HerbicideRanger PRO® Herbicide (Monsanto)Raptor® herbicideRascal® PlusRazor Burn®Razor® Xtreme HerbicideReckon™ 280SLRelegate® Selective HerbicideRemedy® Ultra Specialty HerbicideReport® ExtraReport™ HerbicideReptile WDGResist™ HerbicideResist™ HerbicideRhomene® MCPA BroadleafRifle®-DRometsol®Ronstar® 50 WSPRonstar® FloRonstar® Flo HerbicideRonstar® GRoundup Custom®Roundup Custom® (Monsanto)Roundup PowerMAX®Roundup PowerMAX® 3 (Monsanto)Roundup PowerMAX® 3 HerbicideRoundup PowerMAX® HerbicideRoundup PowerMAX® IIRoundup PowerMAX® II (Monsanto)Roundup PRO® ConcentrateRoundup PRO® Concentrate (Monsanto)Roundup PRO® HerbicideRoundup PRO® Herbicide (Monsanto)Roundup PROMAX® HerbicideRoundup PROMAX® Herbicide (Monsanto)Roundup QuikPRO®Roundup QuikPRO™ (Monsanto)Roundup Ultra®Roundup WeatherMAX® (Monsanto)Roundup WeatherMAX® HerbicideRT 3® HerbicideRT 3® Herbicide (Monsanto)Rugged® HerbicideSaber®Sahara® DG herbicideSalvusScorch™Sectagon-42® (RUP)Sectagon-K54® (RUP)Shar-Max Glyphosate 41% SLSharda Fluometuron 4SCShredder® 2,4-D LV6Shredder® Amine 4Shredder® MCPAShredder® MCPEShredder™ 2,4-D LV4Sim-Trol® 4L Simazine Flowable HerbicideSimazat™ 4LSimazat™ 90DFSimazine 4LSimazine 4L FlowableSinbar® WDGSolution Water Soluble®Solve™ MCPA EsterSpartan® ChargeSpeedZone® Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfSpeedZone® EW Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfSpeedZone® Southern Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfSpeedZone® Southern EW Broadleaf Herbicide forTurfSpike® 80DF Specialty HerbicideSpitfire™ HerbicideSpoiler® HerbicideSpyder® Extra Selective HerbicideStalwart® C HerbicideStalwart® HerbicideStalwart® MTZStalwart® Xtra HerbicideStalwart® Xtra LiteStaple® LXStreamline®StreliuS™ IIStrike 3®Strike Three Ultra® 2Sunphosate 41%Sunphosate 5 MAX (Wynca)Super Trimec® Broadleaf HerbicideSuperBrush™ KillerSure Power® Selective HerbicideSureGuard® SC HerbicideSurflan® A.S. AgriculturalSurflan® AS SpecialtySurflan® FlexSurflan® Flex T&OSurge® Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfSurmise®Sweep® HerbicideSword®Synchrony® XPTahoe® 3A HerbicideTahoe® 4E HerbicideTailspin™ HerbicideTailwind™Tenkoz® Lo-Vol 4 2,4-D Low VolatileTenkoz® MCPA Broadleaf Amine 4Thief™Thunder®Tide MSM 60 DF HerbicideTordon® 22K Specialty HerbicideTorocity™Total TNVTotal® 2.3Treaty®Tri-Power® Selective HerbicideTriamine®Triangle® HerbicideTribal™Triclopyr 3Triclopyr 3ATriclopyr 4ETriCor® 4FTriCor® DFTrifluralin HFTriflurex® HFPTrimec® 1000 Low Odor Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® 992 Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® Bentgrass Formula Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® Classic Brand Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® Encore Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® LAF-637 Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® Southern Broadleaf HerbicideTriple Shot™Triplet® Low OdorTriplet® SFTripzin™ ZCTriumph® 22KTrivence™Trizmet™ IITrizmet™ LiteTrooper® 22KTrooper® P+DTrooper™ ExtraTrumpcard®TruPower® 3 Selective HerbicideTrycera®Turflon® Ester Specialty HerbicideTurflon® Ester Ultra Specialty HerbicideTurret®TZone™ SE Broadleaf Herbicide for Tough WeedsUndercover™Usha 6Vapam® HLVastlan®Vegetable Pro® HerbicideVengeance® Plus Selective HerbicideVerify™Veteran® 720 HerbicideViewpoint® HerbicideVisor BroadcropVisor® S-MOCVolta®Vopak® 3MEWarrant HerbicideWarrant Herbicide (CS)Warrant® Ultra HerbicideWarrant® Ultra Herbicide (Monsanto)Weed & Feed 25-3-5Weed & Feed 25-3-5Weed Rhap® A-4DWeedmaster® HerbicideWestar®Whetstone™ HerbicideWildCard®Willowood Chlorim 25WDGWillowood Clomazone 3MEWillowood Glypho 6Willowood Imazethapyr 2SLWillowood Lactofen 2ECWillowood Metribuzin 75DFWillowood Sulfen ChlorimZone HerbicideZone Maxx Herbicide