Smallflower Galinsoga

Every product that labels SMALLFLOWER GALINSOGA as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
Acifin™ 2LAcifluorfen 2Acuron® GTAutonomy™ HerbicideAvalanche® UltraAvalanche® UltraAxill Solutions Glufosinate 280SLBasamid® GBattleship® IIIBoundary® 6.5 ECBrawl II™Brawl™Calibra™Callisto® XtraChange Up™ Selective HerbicideCheetah® HerbicideCheetah® ProCheetah™ Max HerbicideCinch®Corsican HerbicideDerecho™Detail® powered by Kixor® herbicideDual II Magnum®Dual MAGNUM®E-2 HerbicideElliptical™ HerbicideEscalade® 2EverpreX™Fever™Fever™ HerbicideFinale® XL F-VM herbicideForfeit® 280GCS S-Metolachlor 82.4% ECHamper™ HerbicideHamper™ II HerbicideIgnite® 280 SLInflame™ 280 SLInterline® HerbicideIntermoc™LademLevity™Liberty® 280 SLLiberty® 280 SL HerbicideLifeline® GTMedal® ECMedal® II ECMoccasin™Moccasin™ II PlusNoventa™ HerbicideNufarm Leopard™ HerbicideOpportunityPerfection® Weed & Feed 21-7-14Quincept®Reckon™ 280SLRefer® 280 SL HerbicideRely® 280 HerbicideScout™ HerbicideSharpen® powered by Kixor® herbicideSinate® HerbicideStoren™Storm® HerbicideStreliuS™ IIStrike Three Ultra® 2Sure Power® Selective HerbicideSurmise®Surmise® 5Tendovo®Testify™Tide Glufosinate 280 SLTotal® 2.3Total® HerbicideTough® 5ECTower® HerbicideTriple Shot™Ultra Blazer® (UPI)UproarVengeance® Plus Selective HerbicideVerdict® powered by Kixor® herbicideVisor® S-MOCWillowood Glufosinate 280SLWillowood Glufosinate 280SL (OT)Zalo® Herbicide