Webinar: How Might Ag Chem Prices Shift This Season?

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Nov 14, 2023

Learn from FBN® Supply Chain team leaders Ian Loar, FBN U.S. Country Manager, and Tom Lyons, FBN Vice President, Global Procurement & Supply, in a new webinar as they share: 

  • 2024 price outlook insights for key crop protection products

  • Recent price data from thousands of FBN member-submitted invoices 

  • Market expectations based on recent sector activity and international supplier input 

  • Why decision-making based on agronomic needs and payment options will likely be more impactful than “playing the market” this season 

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Price Outlook 

The webinar delves into invoice data submitted by FBN members from purchases at U.S. ag retailers, providing a clear snapshot of market shifts over the past few years and highlighting the variability in pricing for products like: 

  • Glyphosate

  • Glufosinate 

  • 2,4-D

  • Dicamba

  • Atrazine

  • S-Metolachlor 

Market Expectations

Many of the products outlined above are key active ingredients that a number of FBN members use as leading indicators for what’s happening in the marketplace. Loar and Lyons will also walk through info they’re receiving from suppliers, hearing from peers, and seeing in the market that may point to future market activity. 

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FBN Network

Nov 14, 2023

Watch the 2024 Price Outlook Webinar

Watch the 2024 Price Outlook Webinar

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