5 Things to Remember When Buying Ag Chemicals Online

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Nov 15, 2023

When it’s time to buy ag chemicals for your operation, there are many decisions to be made. This checklist will help you keep track of five important things to remember when buying chem online.

And one bonus thing to remember before you make your purchases - now through November 21, you can take advantage of special Cyber November sale prices on a range of ag chem products from FBN.

1. Consider Generic vs. Branded Ag Chemicals

While generic products are not identical to their branded equivalents, they tend to be very similar in terms of performance. In fact, to receive an EPA registration, a generic product must have the same technical make-up as the branded version.

Often generic and branded products are even manufactured by the same companies.

Generic companies routinely perform field trials to evaluate their products against the branded equivalents. Plus, because generic manufacturers must use EPA approved surfactants and inert ingredients in their formulation, they do not use products of similar - if not the same - quality. 

[Read More: Understanding Branded vs. Generic Crop Protection Products]

2. Submit Your Paperwork Early

Check your FBN member profile to see if you’ve provided all of the necessary information required before checking out on your next order. You may need to:

  • Upload any relevant tax exemption forms for your operation

  • Review and sign the Master Distribution Agreement (MDA)

  • Submit the Grower Technology Agreement if you plan on purchasing traited seed

  • Upload Crop Protection Compliance paperwork, aka Restricted Use Product (RUP) certificate, if you plan to purchase crop protection

  • Complete either the RUP certificate requirements for yourself or on someone else’s behalf by uploading a photo of the RUP license

[Upload your Crop Protection Compliance paperwork to your profile.]

3. Know What You're Paying For

Farmers who buy chemicals know all too well that the lack of price transparency creates confusion and frustrating inconsistencies across the sector. FBN is dedicated to providing price transparency in an effort to put Farmers First®, empowering our 55,000+ member farmers to see market averages, quotes and invoiced prices on thousands of inputs. 

This focus on price transparency is not only changing the way farmers like you are doing business on your operation, it’s also securing huge savings along the way. 

"I save about 30,000 a year over local retail stores," says Brad Carlson, a farmer based in Iowa.

And with so many quality products to choose from on the FBN store, you can get both generic and branded products that directly pass on the savings to your operation. 

[Read the free 2023 FBN® Ag Chemical Price Transparency Report here.]

4. Try Using FBN® AcrePlans

Created with input from FBN agronomists, AcrePlan is the only digital chem program planning and purchasing tool currently available in the agriculture market. It is the next agronomic evolution of the FBN AcrePack.  

AcrePlan enables farmers to plan, price, and purchase individual passes for various chemical applications throughout the entire season and add it all to their cart at once, simplifying what can otherwise be a complicated, time-consuming process.

Available AcrePlan pass options include: 

  • Burndown

  • Pre emergence

  • Post emergence

  • Fungicide and insecticide 

AcrePlan even does the math for farmers by providing transparent and upfront dynamic pricing: 

  • Per acre

  • Per pass 

  • For an operation’s entire chem program.

[Read More: Streamline Chem Input Purchases with New AcrePlan Tool]

5. Plan Your Delivery Date

One of the benefits of ordering from FBN is that you’re in control of when your product is delivered. Our modern logistics network has fulfillment and logistics centers located around North America and beyond to ensure a dedicated supply chain. 

Schedule the direct-to-farm delivery time that's right for your operational schedule by selecting your preferred delivery date during the check out process.

[See FBN warehouse locations near you and learn more about FBN's logistics network.]

Take Control of Your Ag Chem Needs with FBN

The good news is that buying crop protection, crop nutrition and seed products is easy when you purchase through FBN. Plus, you'll get the visibility, transparency and confidence to make smart and efficient choices when purchasing inputs.

When you shop with FBN, you’ll see comprehensive information on thousands of ag products and be able to easily compare prices between chemicals using the same active ingredient. 

Now’s the time to check out what you’ve been missing. Become an FBN member today. 

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Nov 15, 2023

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