Profectus™ Feeds Trial Shows Reduced Costs, Improved Cattle Value

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Sep 05, 2023

Profectus™ Feeds from FBN is revolutionizing feedlot nutrition by optimizing profit per head through improved feed efficiency, increased carcass value and better digestive health. 

In a recent trial, Profectus™ Feeds reduced gain costs by 15 cents per pound (including additional feed, yardage, and cost of gain advantage) for a total value increase of $83.52 per head at the end of the trial period. 

Profectus™ Feeds vs. Conventional Ration Assessment 

FBN conducted the commercial feeding trial with 335 head of Angus-Holstein cross calves in southwest Minnesota. The herd was segmented into two treatment groups: 

  1. The FBN group received the Profectus™ Feeds diet. (This group had 46% heifers and 54% steers with a weight range of 148 - 317 lbs.)

  2. The control group was fed a conventional ration balanced for NEg and crude protein. (This group had 47% heifers and 53% steers, with a weight range of 140 - 318 lbs.)

After being on feed for 176 days, the trial calves grew from an average of 207 lbs on arrival to 764 lbs. In total, the producer identified $83.52 in value per head at the end of the trial period. 

The Profectus™ Feeds diet increased average daily gain by 0.4 pounds compared to the control group’s conventional diet. Calves in the Profectus™ Feeds group had improved performance of the bottom 20% of cattle by 0.9 lbs. ADG, making for a more uniform group.

By balancing amino acids to the energy in cattle’s diet, Profectus™ Feeds solutions drove enhanced weight performance, reduced costs, and improved cattle value overall during the trial. 

Revolutionize Your Feed Program

If your ration is balanced for protein, it’s not balanced. 

Cattle will eat to their most limiting nutrient. Once the amino acid requirement is met, such as through the Profectus™ Feeds program, they do not over consume energy; this has been shown to increase profit potential $20-60 per head*. Additionally, rumen problems such as acidosis and bloat are reduced when cattle do not over consume energy from high-starch grains.

Learn more about the revolutionary Profectus™ Feeds program and get started with a free feed consultation by clicking here. 

Feedlot Nutrition R&D In Real Life 

The Innovators Research League, powered by FBN, brings the rigor of agricultural research to the real world through large-scale, on-farm trials conducted by members of our 40,000+ farmer network. 

Combined with our world-class data science capabilities the network brings to life on-farm commercial research to demonstrate performance and ROI so producers can have confidence in the decisions they make.

Interested in participating in future trials and agronomic studies? Learn more about the Innovators Research League here. 

*Based on a compilation of commercial studies, customer reported results and university research; data on file.

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FBN Network

Sep 05, 2023

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