Beef Cattle

Revolutionary Feed

Feed cattle everything they need, but nothing they don't. Dial in your feed program with the knowledgable team from FBN.

Rethink your Ration

If your ration is balanced for protein, it’s not balanced. FBN is bringing a revolutionary approach to feedlot nutrition that drives performance by balancing amino acids to the energy in the diet. Cattle will eat to their most limiting nutrient, so if the amino acid requirement is met, they do not over consume energy.

Improve Feed Efficiency

Improvements in feed efficiency range 5% to 15% driving down cost of gain.

Increase Carcass Value

Increase carcass weights and improve yield grades at harvest when cattle consume more protein.

Improve Digestive Health

When cattle do not over consume energy from high-starch grains, rumen problems such as acidosis and bloat are reduced.

Get Started

With a few numbers such as dry matter intake and average daily gain, our livestock team can quickly calculate what we call an effective energy ratio, which indicates what you could expect to see in feed efficiency improvements using FBN. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!