Prepare for FBN®’s Cyber Deals by Following These 5 Steps

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Oct 13, 2023

Take advantage of upcoming Cyber savings by preparing early! Review the checklist below for five ways to get ahead now to maximize your savings once Cyber deals start.

1. Become an FBN Member

Not an FBN member yet? Join the 77,000 farmers who are already part of the network and take advantage of Cyber pricing and financing opportunities, connect with other growers and producers, learn from agronomic and veterinary experts, and optimize your operation's ROI using FBN's educational resources.

[Join FBN now to take advantage of exciting upcoming Cyber deals.]

2. Submit Your Paperwork

Complete your FBN member profile and get ready to save during Cyber by getting your account set up before exclusive discounts begin. This includes:

  • Providing all relevant tax exemption forms for your operation 

  • Reviewing and signing the Master Distribution Agreement (MDA)

  • Submitting the applicable Grower Technology Agreement if you plan on purchasing traited seed

  • Uploading your Crop Protection Compliance paperwork, also known as your Restricted Use Product (RUP) certificate, if you plan on purchasing crop protection. You can either complete the RUP certificate requirements for yourself or on someone else’s behalf by uploading a photo of the RUP license.

Check your profile now to make sure you’ve provided all necessary information before checking out with your Cyber purchase. 

[Upload your Crop Protection Compliance paperwork to your profile.]

3. Set Up Your Payment Methods

Save time later by setting up your payment options in your profile this week. You can securely save your bank account or credit card information to your FBN profile for an expedited check out experience when you’re ready to purchase.

Additional payment options are also available, including the following methods for farmers based in the U.S.:

  • ACH Bank Transfer

  • Check

  • FBN input loans for FBN input purchases

  • FBN operating line

Simply select your preferred payment option during the check out process to complete your order. 

If you’re based in Canada, please check your cart to see available payment options outside the United States. 

[Update your payment settings in your profile.] 

4. Explore Flexible Financing Options

Farmers based in the U.S. can take advantage of FBN’s full suite of farm financing solutions by exploring financing options from FBN Finance.

Input loans, which are only applicable to FBN input purchases, are fixed rate, non-revolving lines of $10,000 - $500,000. When you apply for an input loan with FBN Finance, you’ll go through a straightforward application process that can be approved in one business day.* 

Input loans from FBN Finance are currently offered at a promotional interest rate of 5.99%. Lock in this rate through August 31, 2024, if you spend a minimum of $50,000 on all FBN inputs or $10,000 in livestock products by November 21, 2023. Plus, with this payment option, you won't have to make payments until January 1, 2025.

Operating lines of credit, which are not limited to only purchasing inputs, are fixed rate, revolving lines of $100,000 - $1 million. An FBN Finance operating line of credit can be used for a wide variety of approved ag operating expenses, including buying inputs from FBN Direct or other vendors, paying for rent or labor, covering the cost of equipment or repairs, and financing other qualifying expenses. With this payment option, you won't have to make payments until March 1, 2025.

[Start your FBN operating line application today.]

5. Plan Your Delivery Dates

When determining which products you plan to purchase during Cyber, don't forget to consider when you'll need those products delivered. With FBN Direct, you're in control of your delivery schedule. Just select your preferred delivery date when checking out with your purchase and our team will bring your order directly to your farm as scheduled.

[Read on the FBN Blog: What’s the Shelf Life of Your Ag Chemicals?]

Take Advantage of Cyber Pricing

It’s a great time to buy from FBN and take advantage of Cyber pricing and special product deals, flexible financing, and cash payment discounts. Learn more by visiting FBN Direct to see available products or FBN Finance to learn more about financing solutions for your operation.

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FBN Network

Oct 13, 2023

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