Is it Too Late to Buy Hail Coverage?

FBN Insurance

Apr 19, 2023

Each year, severe storms affect farming operations across the country. But when is it too late to purchase crop-hail coverage? 

FBN® offers a variety of different options for crop-hail coverage to get that last minute coverage when you need it most. 

Most insurers allow:

  • A two-hour buying window. When your application is signed/submitted, your coverage is active after a waiting period, usually two hours.

  • 12:01 am coverage (meaning if you buy your coverage at 6 pm, your coverage wouldn’t take effect until 12:01 am the next day)


The cost will vary among insurers because hail is a private product and depends on whether you’ve purchased a policy with a two-hour buying window or 12:01 am coverage. 


Knowing which coverage is appropriate for your operation depends on the peril you’re facing such as:

  • Hail

  • Wind

  • Fire

  • Green Snap

Watch Now

In this video, FBN Crop Insurance Agent Courtney Wolfe explains when you should purchase this important coverage and why it’s a key way to manage risk for your ag operation.

Crop-Hail Coverage from FBN Insurance

Don’t think of mortality as a problem with crops until the wall cloud blows over and there is nothing but stubble left in your fields. 

Work with your FBN Crop Insurance Agent to put a solid risk management plan in place that includes crop-hail insurance that could potentially cover what your multi-peril policy doesn’t.

The goal is to make sure your crop-hail insurance adequately covers what you have at risk, or stand to lose. 

Call (877) 576-4468 to get connected to your local FBN Crop Insurance agent and initiate customized coverage for your operation, or click for more information on crop-hail insurance.

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FBN Insurance

Apr 19, 2023

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