How can I find specific contracts?

Jan 20, 2023

To view all your contracts, tap on the Market icon at the bottom of the app, and then tap on My Sales at the top of the Market screen. My Sales will open and you will just need to make certain the dropdown menu is displaying Contracts to view all of your imported contracts.

Once you have located the contract you are looking for, click on the contract to bring up the contract details. From this view you can see all the relevant information associated with the contract. By scrolling down, you can also click on any and view in detail any attached Tickets and Settlements.

To quickly find contracts you are working on, use the Contract Tasks Tile. Located by tapping on the Market icon at the bottom of the app, at which point you will be on the Market Home screen and can view a Contract Tasks module in the middle of your screen. This tile contains three separate widgets that will provide a filtered view of one of the following:

  • Deliveries: Contracts that are able to be delivered within the next 30 days

  • Pricing: Contracts that still need to have futures or basis set

  • Signatures: Contracts that have yet to be signed

If you would like to see all contracts with tasks remaining, click View Open Contracts at the bottom of the Contract Task Tile.

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