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2005 F350 $10,500

2005 F350 6.0 Powerstroke 4x4, duals, Pronghorn service flatbed, grill guard, black leather interior, seats 5, 217K miles (will go up, daily driver).

New FICM, crankshaft sensor & ICP sensor replaced in 2018. Rear tires are great, front are new, brakes okay, LED headlights. Air compressor & tools are not included in price. Passenger front window does not work, typical broken vac seals on front hubs, 4x4 has to be locked in manually.

  • 2005 F350
  • 2005 F350
  • 2005 F350
Year: 2005
Condition: Used - Good


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What’s your opinion on the pronghorn bed? Thinking about putting one on. Seems like it would be handy service truck and trailer puller.


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Really like them. Biggest annoyance is the trays in the front compartments will bang around and slop tools onto the bottom of the compartment. Found out by putting a piece of carpet in the trays and then running a strap around the trays helps a lot. The little compartment on the back of the bed for shovels/jacks/etc will fill up with dirt and become useless.