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2008 1770NT CCS 24R30 $78,000

2008 1770NT CCS 24r30 w/600gal liquid tank, located in CO. Asking $78,000

The good:

In furrow application w/keetons & 2 electric pumps setup for swath control. eSets w/corn discs, row command clutches, Seedstar 2, stock rubber closing wheels, JD air bags with aftermarket pump & cab pressure regulator controller, extra air tank added for more even pressure supply. New parallel arms, new closing wheel tail pieces & semi tire take offs for transports. Camera for viewing behind you as backup or road. Camera will connect to a JD 2630/4600/4640 monitor. Opening discs measure 15”. Can include JD soybean plates if buyer wants them.

The almost:

Has most of a PP row flow system on it. Bought the wiring & monitor w/row flow switch panel at an auction. However, I apparently didn’t make it home with all the harness. Missing the 9 & 4 pin harness to be able to use the row flow system to operate the clutches.

The bad:

Hydraulic hose under CCS blower has a pin hole in it. Planter needs new gauge wheel arms (these have estimated 15-18k acres on them & showing some slop) & some closing wheels could be replaced as the rubber is wearing out. Opening discs are fine, but some of the hubs wore against the gauge wheels and they won’t hold a cap anymore. Plandemic discs from WearParts, not the John Deere ones we usually buy, just what was available spring 2021. Discs have 3200acres on them. Also missing one gauge wheel, bolt broke off in the shank.

Ordering stock parts, could be all back to field ready “new” for $5k or less. I’m not sure about the costs of the PP harness, you would need to check with a PP dealer.

    2008 1770NT CCS 24R30
Year: 2008
Condition: Used - Good


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I have some row flow pp stuff surplus if you need help


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I’ll keep it in mind. I’ve got a guy coming to look at it this week so will see what he decides.

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