Top 3 Reasons to Join the FBN® Innovators Research League

Mikaela Tierney

Dec 28, 2022

The FBN® Innovators Research League (IRL) is a farmer-driven research network of FBN members who test cutting-edge innovations in crop inputs (such as biologicals) and equipment in real-life field conditions.

The Innovators Research League represents a game-changing approach to new product development, offering farmers an opportunity to be directly involved in new product development alongside FBN while getting compensated for their time and earning exclusive access to new, innovative technologies. In turn, these insights on real-world, on-farm product performance help accelerate the data-driven adoption of new technologies in the ag sector. 

Innovators Research League By The Numbers in 2022

  • 50 new products and technologies tested

  • Trials in 9 different commodity and specialty crops

  • 25,000+ trial acres 

  • 25 states represented in trials

Benefits of Joining the FBN Innovators Research League

1. Get Exclusive Access to New Products & Technologies

IRL trial farmers get exclusive access to exciting new products and technologies before they are commercially available to other FBN members or non-member farmers. This empowers them to see what’s coming down the product and technology development pipeline before anyone else, and to play an active role in helping guide the development of new agricultural technologies.  

2. Earn Money While Gaining Insights into Your Operation

We compensate farmers who participate in on-farm trials for their time and efforts. At the same time, farmers in the IRL program develop firsthand knowledge of how new technologies work on their farm. This, in turn, helps them identify opportunities for optimization across their operation.

3. Receive Customized Reporting

At the end of each season, participants receive a customized report containing detailed data about how the trial product performed on their operations. Powered by FBN Data Science, these reports offer unique insights into product performance. 

How to Join the FBN Innovators Research League - Now Accepting 2023 Applications

FBN is now accepting applications to trial new, cutting-edge agricultural technologies in 2023. This year, we’ll be testing biologicals, inputs, crops, robotics, and sensors, among other products. For reference, our 2022 program included innovative testing in inoculants, biostimulants, biopesticides, biofertilizers, and specialized fertilizer products. 

[Interested in participating? Sign up to join the FBN Innovators Research League program here.]

Hear Directly from Participants About Their Experience

In this panel discussion from Farmer2FarmerVI in Omaha, Nebraska, you’ll hear from farmers about their experiences as participants in the Innovators Research League through FBN. They’ll discuss why they joined IRL, what their experience has been like as part of the field testing process and what they’ve learned through the trials they’ve conducted. 

Featured Speakers: 

  • Matt Meisner, PhD: VP of R&D and Data at FBN

  • Brent Rendel: Farmer, Innovators Research League Member

  • Josh Moore: Farmer, Innovators Research League Member 

  • Andrew Tenold: Farmer, Innovators Research League Member

  • Clark McPheeters: Farmer, Innovators Research League Member

[Interested in participating? Sign up to join the FBN Innovators Research League program here.]

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Mikaela Tierney

Dec 28, 2022

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