Australian Community Builder of the Month: Andy Single

Mark Wilson

Jul 25, 2022

Andy Single partnered with FBN® as a Community Builder 2 years ago and is based in Dubbo, New South Wales. Andy grew up on a farm in Wellington and has a close connection with the agricultural industry having worked in a number of roles over the past 35 years. 

He currently leases out their family farming properties located in Wellington and Wee Waa, which gives him time to focus his efforts on the Community Builder program. When asked what he loves about the agricultural industry, Andy has one word, “people.”

Andy's decision become a  Community Builder was centered around the purpose of 'Putting Farmers First' by delivering transparency on prices, the flexibility in the model and allowing farmers to purchase their agricultural inputs

He also sees merit in the campaigns offered for farmers such as the bundle offering and 0% financing. It also eases the burden on him financially as a small business, as his capital is not tied up in carrying product and if it wasn't for FBN he would be limited to the amount of volume he could sell to farmers.

One of the keys to his success is having his Account Executive Simon Uphill support him with market intelligence and always being available when required. He describes him as honest, trustworthy and really enjoys taking Simon on the road to meet his clients.  

With Andy, the best branding and marketing campaigns start with strong relationships with his farmers. He describes it as the 'Cup of Tea Test'. Andy feels very strongly about the importance of the Community Builder program and the integral part it will play in his community in supporting his local region and farmers.

In Andy’s opinion, the future of agriculture will be based around farmers continuing to be innovative through technology and R&D. The next generation of farmers are not focused on loyalty to their local stores but more focused on moving towards price and margins. Farmers are moving away from the inhouse agronomist and keen to work with independents. Andy's goal as a Community Builder is to grow his book to $5 million within the next 12 months. 

Interested in diversifying your income?

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Mark Wilson

Jul 25, 2022