“That’s Real Money.” See How One Family Farm Saved Big on Health Coverage

Brian Paff

Oct 30, 2020

When the Bergen family signed up for coverage through FBN® Health last December, they discovered significant savings for their operation. 

“We were able to save $1,900 a month by signing up with FBN Health,” says Kelsey Bergen, who raises two children with her husband, Mike.

Their new plan now includes coverage for both dental and vision as well. “Being able to add that for a small amount feels like a home run for our family.”

The economic realities of agriculture

The Bergens grow irrigated corn and soybeans as well as dryland corn in Central Nebraska. Mike, a first-generation farmer, knows the economic realities farmers are facing right now all too well. “Agriculture has been tough the last couple of years,” he says.

And for many family farmers, health coverage is an expense that can often cut deeply into an operation’s bottom line — even in the best of times. 

But particularly against the backdrop of rising production expenses and tight commodity markets, setting aside the time to research and find affordable health coverage for your family and other members of your operation is critically important. 

That’s exactly why Farmers Business Network® launched FBN Health to provide farmers with an alternative, offering quality health plan options that are designed with farmers in mind. 


“Being self-employed, health coverage is hard,” says Bergen, who estimates that their family monthly premiums had been rising $500 on average over the past couple years. “We just got to the point where we couldn’t afford it anymore.”

The savings they gained have the potential to make an immediate impact. “You know, a total savings for our operation of $23,000 per year — that’s real money,” he says. “And honestly, the coverage that we’re getting through FBN Health is better than what we had.”

"A total savings for our operation of $23,000 per year — that’s real money. And honestly, the coverage that we're getting through FBN Health is better than what we had."

- Mike Bergen, Nebraska

Kelsey describes the increased sense of financial freedom and flexibility the savings will deliver to their operation as incredibly valuable. 

“When you’re on a farm, that money’s probably going to be reinvested. But if there’s projects that we wanted to do to our house, if there’s a trip that we wanted to go on — those are things that would have had to wait before,” she says. “Now we have the option to look at those again because we’re saving a good amount of money on our healthcare costs.”

The process of switching to FBN Health was relatively straightforward for the Bergens, too, which was an added bonus. 

“Health coverage is a really hard thing to figure out,” says Kelsey. “The application process was really easy through FBN Health. We were able to talk to an agent and they made it easy to fill out the forms online.”

Get coverage designed for farmers through FBN Health

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Brian Paff

Oct 30, 2020

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