Don’t Wait Till Spring! 4 Reasons to Buy Ag Chemicals This Winter

While it can be tempting to put off buying inputs until later, you can support your bottom line and put yourself in a great position to manage pressures in your fields this season by purchasing ag chemicals this winter.

Take a few moments to consider what kind of performance you got out of your weed, insect and disease control strategies this year. Will you use some of the same chemistries next year? If you have a clear picture of your management strategy for next year, you don’t want to miss out on opportunities available to you now. 

Why you should buy inputs in the winter

Here are four great reasons to stock up on ag chemicals now:

1. Get it while you can

If certain chemistries worked for you this year, chances are other farmers might have had similar success, too. By purchasing now, you can ensure you’re able to get the products you need without worrying about supply running low.

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2. Don’t miss out on savings

Every dollar you save now goes toward your bottom line for the year. You can achieve great savings by purchasing chemical products in the winter as manufacturers and suppliers price their products to sell. 

On FBN Direct®, we’re currently running some exciting deals for a limited time only to help you save big on your input needs, including price reductions on AgSaver Glyphosate 53.8%, Willowood Glufosinate 280SL, Willowood Glypho 6, Willowood Mesotrione 4SC, and other key products. 

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3. Stay ahead of inflation

Historically-high inflation rates have pushed the Fed to increase interest rates repeatedly over the past months. These inflation-related price increases affect farmers through the rising cost of ag chemicals and other supplies, while interest rate increases raise the cost of capital for loans used for buying inputs, covering operational costs or purchasing land. 

With the potential for inflation price increases in mind, you might be able to save money on your inputs by buying now and staying ahead of that chance for future price swells. 

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4. Plan ahead for the upcoming season’s needs

Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today, says a trusted proverb. Sitting down now to consider your needs — and build your strategy to address them — can help inform your ag chemical purchase decisions and eliminate waste this season.

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Take action now to get ahead for the season

With an incredibly diverse crop nutrition product portfolio, FBN Direct has the crop protection products you need. Take advantage of limited time pricing deals happening now to secure savings on the key products you need this season. 

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