New Insights: 2024 Canadian Ag Chem Price Transparency

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Jun 25, 2024

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Farmers confront many challenges as they strive for profitability, but the persistent and widespread lack of transparency in the chemical market quickly adds substantial costs to already expensive farming essentials. 

In developing this year’s insights, the FBN Data Science team aggregated, anonymized, and analyzed farmer-submitted chemical invoices in an effort to provide clarity on price trends. 

The analysis revealed that across a wide range of ag chemical products, regardless of geography or product popularity, Canadian farmers continue to pay a wide range of prices for the same exact product. 

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Price Trends of Active Ingredients from China

Even in recent relatively low pricing environments, farmers are still paying substantially different prices for the same chemical products. 

Active ingredient prices in China have fallen sharply from their peak in early 2022. The graph below shows how prices have changed for five common active ingredients since October 2020. 

It is important to note that while these prices have decreased from their 2022 peak, the rate of decline differs between each active ingredient.

In addition, some active ingredients like glyphosate show a higher variance in price when compared to others. While prices of both 2,4-D and Dicamba have fallen below 2021 levels, prices for acetochlor and atrazine are still higher than early 2021 levels.

Canadian National Ag Chem Price Trends

Since recent peaks back in 2022 and 2023, popular ag chemical prices have generally decreased. What has not changed, however, is the variance in the prices farmers are paying for the exact same products.

Below are four popular Canadian ag chem products with the most invoice submissions and their associated price trends, including the lowest / highest prices paid and the percentage difference between the two. 

Product Name

Lowest Price (liter)

Highest Price (liter)

Price Difference

Liberty 150® SN Herbicide




Vibrance® Quattro




Conquer® II Herbicide




Prospect Herbicide




Harness the Power of the 75,000+ Member FBN Network for Ongoing Price Trend Insights

As this year’s price transparency insights highlight, the lack of transparency in the Canadian ag chem marketplace continues to present an ongoing challenge for farmers.

FBN was founded ten years ago with a Farmers First® mission based on the idea that sharing information with each other could help farmers level the playing field in agriculture and maximize their farm’s profit potential. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to putting Farmers First, the newly updated Price Transparency feature shares exclusive active ingredient pricing trend insights, empowering farmers to compare prices and negotiate for fair deals using farmer-sourced market pricing data. 

The updated tool allows members to:

  • See aggregated price statistics from network-powered invoice submissions for comparable products with the same active ingredient. FBN members can empower each other with pricing intelligence across even more products.

  • Understand price trends around products over time to help members build confidence around purchase timing.

Try out the newly updated tool by visiting a product page on

These tools, however, are only as powerful as the data submitted by our farmer network. Farmers can submit data at any time, and the FBN Data Science team will aggregate and anonymize all submissions to continuously update the Price Transparency tool throughout the year. 

Sharing your invoices is simple and secure. To contribute a recent crop protection invoice: 

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FBN Network

Jun 25, 2024

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