Community Builder of the Month: Ben Rabbone

Mark Wilson

May 09, 2022

Ben Rabbone has farming in his blood. He grew up on a family farm but when he wasn’t able to sustain steady income for his father and himself, he made the hard decision to take work off the farm.

Ben became an engineer in fabrication but his love for agriculture drove him back to his true passion. He’s been running a hay contracting business for the last 7 years. 

Over two years ago, he decided to partner with FBN® as a Community Builder. 

He joined the Community Builder program because of FBN’s buying platform which allowed growers to purchase online and at any time was extremely attractive. 

“Price transparency was extremely useful for farmers which assists them to understand where the market pricing is for ag chemical, it was also extremely competitive. Direct to farm delivery is great but we do still see support for the local town supplier.”

For Rabbone, earning the respect and trust of his fellow farmers is important to him. 

“Word of mouth is huge in the bush, it's still the biggest marketing tool. Being part of a trusted brand with growers even though it is a new entrant and going above and beyond for farmers is critical,” he says. 

Looking at the agricultural landscape this year could be tough for some farmers according to Rabbone.

“With land, second hand machinery, chemical and fertiliser at record prices. Farmers will need to be more selective, so having transparent pricing is a huge benefit.”

As he looks to the future, he sees FBN as a leader in the agricultural market. In five years, the younger generation of farmers will come on board and start making the on-farm decisions and he sees independent agronomy advice playing a major role for future farmers. 

Being a Community Builder means he’s able to support other farmers in the local community by adding another option for their chem needs. 

When he thinks about why the Community Builder program works so well, he’s quick to reply with a simple list:

  • Online buying platform

  • Price transparency

  • Free direct-to-farm delivery

  • Putting Farmers First

Interested in diversifying your income?

Become an FBN Community Builder today. 

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Mark Wilson

May 09, 2022