Why Do Comparable Sales Matter When Buying Farmland?

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Jul 26, 2023

Comparable sales can be a valuable tool for farmers when deciding whether or not to purchase an appealing farmland parcel.

By analyzing recent comparable property sales, farmers may gain insights into the potential market value of similar land parcels in the local area. While land values are based on many different factors, this information offers farmers one way to help assess whether the asking price for the land they are interested in is reasonable and in alignment with market value.

Keep a few important points in mind when interpreting comparable sale information:


Ensure that the comparable sales are in the same or similar area as the land you’re considering for purchase. Land values can be influenced by multiple location-related factors, including:  

  • Proximity to markets

  • Local infrastructure

  • Nearby amenities

Size and Features

Look for comparable sales that have similar acreage and features to the land you are considering. This includes factors such as:

  • Soil quality

  • Topography

  • Access to water sources

  • Any improvements or structures on the land

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Note the timeframe of the comparable sales. Recent sales within the past year or two are generally more relevant and reflective of current market conditions than older purchases. 


Take into account any differences between the comparable sales and the land you are interested in. Adjustments may be necessary to account for variations in size, features, or other factors that could impact the value.


Comparable sales can provide a benchmark for price negotiations. If the asking price is significantly higher than the recent sales of similar properties, farmers may have room to negotiate a more favorable price.

Making a Final Decision

It's important to note that comparable sales should not be the sole determining factor in the decision-making process. Other factors should also be considered, such as your own financial position and the land’s: 

  • Agricultural potential

  • Soil quality

  • Access to water sources

  • Long-term investment value

Remember to independently verify the information and consult with professionals, such as appraisers or real estate agents, to ensure you make an informed decision regarding the land purchase.

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FBN Network

Jul 26, 2023

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