Farmland Capital: Farmers Investing in Farmers [Video]

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Dec 18, 2022

This panel was originally presented live at Farmer2FarmerVI in Omaha, NE.

In this informative presentation, Jose (Pepo) Peschiera, Managing Director of Equity Investments at FBN®, and Melissa Bermudez, Director of Platform Services & IR at FBN, outline the FBN Finance Farmland Capital program

Farmland Capital from FBN

Farmland Capital provides capital today for a share of your farm’s future change in value. A minority partner invests in a slice of your farm’s equity, paying you cash today for a share of the farm’s future change in value. The program allows you to keep ownership of your farm while making no annual payments. This empowers you to: 

  • Expand your operation

  • Lower your debt payments

  • Keep the farm in the family

  • Cash out your equity

In their presentation, Pepo and Melissa discuss investment opportunities with FBN Finance’s Farmland Capital program and the benefits of farmers investing in farmers. For more information on Farmland Capital, click here. 

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Dec 18, 2022

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