FBN Insurance Launches New Policy Center

FBN Insurance

Jun 30, 2023

Since our founding, FBN® has revolutionized the ag sector by using innovative technology to improve data transparency and accessibility in an effort to put Farmers First®. Today, we apply that same data- and technology-driven approach to develop the best insurance for farmers. 

With the goal of making our policyholders’ lives easier and our insurance agents even more effective, we’re excited to announce the new FBN Insurance Policy Center. 

Launching the FBN Insurance Policy Center

Instead of downloading from the AIP and uploading into cloud storage, FBN Insurance agents will now share all policy documents to policyholders directly into the FBN app in our secure Policy Center. 

In the new Policy Center, FBN Insurance policyholders can:

  • See a summary listing of all policies

  • Receive insurance specific documents organized by policy

  • Upload and store documents for sharing with their FBN Insurance agent or for their own record-keeping

  • Categorize documents by file type

Maintaining Policyholder Data Security

All documents uploaded to Policy Center are secure and only viewable by whomever the FBN Insurance policyholder has given access. FBN Insurance agents can also grant access to individual policies with other sub-users within the account; it’s all up to the policyholder.

Insurance for Farmers from FBN 

Interested in learning more about the new FBN Insurance policy center or exploring potential insurance policies for your farm? We offer a diverse range of coverage options, including: 

  • LRP: Livestock Risk Protection is a federally subsidized insurance program intended to protect producers against declining market prices.

  • PRF : A federally-reinsured product, Pasture Rangeland and Forage insurance protects against a decline in precipitation that negatively impacts grazing and haying.

  • Apiculture: A safety net for beekeepers’ primary income sources, Apiculture coverage includes honey, pollen collection, wax and breeding stock.

  • Annual Forage: Providing coverage on annually planted acreage used as livestock feed and fodder, AF is currently available in TX, OK, NM, CO, KS, NE, SD and ND. 

  • MPCI: Available for more than 100 different crops, Multi Peril Crop Insurance protects farmers against crop losses caused by natural events.

  • Hail: A type of supplemental crop insurance, Crop-Hail Insurance covers specific losses due to hail or tornado damage.

  • WFRP: A federal crop insurance policy, Whole Farm Revenue Protection insures against the loss of expected farm revenue.

  • Health: With affordable plans available in all 50 states, FBN Health offers multiple coverage options to fit any size ag operation or budget. 

Click here for more information or call (866) 878-7133 to connect directly with an agent. 

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FBN Insurance

Jun 30, 2023

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