How Do Harvest Aids Fit into Your Production Plan?

How Do Harvest Aids Fit into Your Production Plan?

As harvest season quickly approaches, it is important to keep your operation moving smoothly and efficiently. For many farms, harvest aids are an important part of this goal.

Why are harvest aids used?

Harvest aids are used to desiccate weeds that can interfere with harvest. Left green, these weeds can go through your harvest equipment and impact its efficiency, causing possible harvest losses and decreased grain quality.

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Harvest aids don’t speed up maturity or drydown, and they don’t increase yields. In fact, if applied too early, harvest aids can actually decrease yield.

They can, however, help reduce the production of seed from weeds, depending on the weeds present and their growth stage as well as the herbicide used.

Here's a bit more harvest aid information and recommendations specific to corn and soybeans:

Corn Harvest Aids

Keeping weed escapes out of your combine is the primary reason for using harvest aids in corn. 

At application, corn should be at least to full dent, wth the milk line two-thirds down to avoid and yield losses. Common corn harvest aids include AIM® EC,  2,4-D Ester 4L, Gramoxone® SL and Glyphosate

Soybean Harvest Aids

In soybeans, harvest aids are used to manage weeds, but they dessicate and remove all the green soybean material that could otherwise gum up your harvest equipment. 

To avoid any yield loss, soybeans need to be at least at the R7 growth stage. While there are costs associated with the application, it provides for an earlier harvest date, less dockage at delivery, and possible bonus for early delivery. 

The most commonly used soybean harvest aids include: AIM® EC, Gramoxone® SL and Sharpen® powered by Kixor®.

As always, read and follow all label directions when using harvest aids. Coverage, rates, timing and adjuvant use may vary.

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