How to Build an FBN® Acre Pack

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Nov 21, 2022

Take control of your crop input plan with FBN® Acre Packs, an exciting new feature now available to farmers through FBN Direct®. By helping you plan, order and save, Acre Packs empower you with greater control of your crop input plan and simplify your planning process. 

How Do I Build an Acre Pack? 

Ready to build your Acre Pack? Let’s look at how the process works: 

For U.S. Farmers:

For Canadian Farmers:

How to 1. Pick Your Pack 

First, select a crop based on the available options in your country. For farmers in the U.S., the following Acre Pack crop options are currently available: 

For farmers in Canada, the following Acre Packs are currently available: 

After you’ve selected your Pack, input your acreage so the tool can customize your Pack building experience. 

2. Select Your First Base Product

After choosing your crop, select your first base product. The Acre Pack tool allows you to see both the price per gallon and price per acre for your chosen base product.

3. Slide to Set Your Rate

Using the slider tool on the page, adjust your rate options to see how you can adjust your usage and price. 

4. Choose Your Package Type

Once you’ve selected your preferred rate, you can choose your base product package type for your Acre Pack based on the available options. One of the most exciting features of the Acre Pack is that the tool optimizes for the lowest possible quantity left over, meaning you don’t have to do the complicated math to determine exactly how much to order or the best size for your needs. The tool does it all for you automatically.

5. See The Product Description

Read through the product description on the right side of the screen to discover more detailed information about your selected product, including: 

  • Specific product details, product characteristics and traits, and safety guidelines

  • The product label with intended usage notes and other information from the manufacturer

  • Available package sizes so you can select the option that works best for your acreage or let the tool make a recommendation for you

6. Add Your Pack To The Cart

Once you’ve added any additional products you’d like to include in your Pack and taken full advantage of all possible stacked savings, you’re ready to add your Pack to your cart. By hovering your mouse over the discounts section at the bottom of the cart view, you can see how much you’re saving based on the products you’ve added to your Pack.  

7. Pick Your Delivery

Once you’re ready to finish the check out process, pick your delivery address and delivery date. You can also update an existing address or add a new one at this stage to ensure your delivery goes to the correct destination. 

8. Pick Your Flexible Way To Pay

Finally, select your preferred payment method or financing option, which could include an FBN® Operating Line (for farmers in the U.S.), ACH, credit card, or other payment type. After selecting your payment option, you’re ready to submit your order. 

That’s it! With more control of your crop input plan, you can approach next season with confidence. Try it for yourself by building your Pack at today. 

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All product recommendations and other information provided is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for consulting the product label or for specific agronomic, business,or professional advice. Where specific advice is necessary or appropriate, consult with a qualified advisor. 

FBN Network

Nov 21, 2022

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