Why I Chose FBN®: Nadine Gibson, VP of Facilities & Workplaces

Melissa Niedrich

Mar 10, 2022

Our ‘Why I Chose FBN’ series features stories from employees across different roles, teams, and geographies on how they got to FBN, what it’s like to work here, and how their teams help fulfill our mission of putting Farmers First®.

When did you join FBN, what is your current role at FBN, where are you based, and what are your responsibilities? 

I joined FBN in July of 2021 as VP of Facilities and Workplaces. I am a remote worker based in Cincinnati. My role is leading our Facilities team to manage our growing real estate portfolio. This includes facilities operations, facility project management, lease administration, and office space utilization.

What was your previous work experience before joining FBN

I spent most of my 25+ years working in the corporate real estate space as a Project Manager, Operations Manager, and more recently in growing the project management vertical for a small construction firm. I've worked in all types of spaces including corporate offices, research laboratories, central utility plants, and manufacturing.  My early work experience right out of school was in process engineering.

What did you first find compelling about FBN that led you to want to learn more? 

What first caught my attention was the mission of the company. The whole concept of disrupting the farming industry by empowering farmers felt genuine. After doing more reading, I was convinced and applied for the open Facilities role.

Why did you ultimately decide to join FBN? What did this thought process look like for you? 

After meeting so many of the leaders through the interviewing process, it was clear that the mission I read about really comes to life in the culture. It was an opportunity to do meaningful work. 

Now that you’ve joined, how would you describe FBN’s culture and what it’s like to work here? 

The culture is definitely entrepreneurial. You have to be a self starter, be willing to take smart risks, and exercise creative problem solving.

What kind of impact are you and your team having on the company’s future? 

As a support group, we enable the core business to deliver against their goals. Our focus is to ensure that the workplace is safe and productive for those working in FBN sites. We will do that through operational excellence, efficient space utilization, and smart real estate investments.

How does FBN’s mission come to life in your day-to-day work? How does your work positively impact famers? 

In a support function, what I find helpful is focussing on the goals of our core business and how my day-to-day work impacts their ability to achieve their goals.

We know you have a life outside of work - what kinds of things do you do for fun? 

I love watching movies and visiting the bourbon trails.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone considering FBN

Remove any preconceived notion you have about farming. I was blown away on how much technology can impact farming decisions and the growing process.

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Melissa Niedrich

Mar 10, 2022

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