4 Critical Reasons to Conduct Spring Equipment Maintenance

Before using your equipment for the first time this spring, there are a few steps to take to prepare your machinery for the busy planting and spraying season. 

If you conducted periodic winter maintenance on your machinery throughout the colder months, you likely have a good sense of the condition of your ag equipment and can efficiently prep your equipment. Nevertheless, unexpected events could have happened since your last maintenance check, such as: 

  • A late-winter freeze thickening your equipment’s coolant, reducing its ability to cool the machine in the warmer months

  • Early spring moisture damaging critical components

  • A critter nesting in your equipment

Additionally, there are some important steps to take ahead of the first use of the equipment in a new season. 

Let’s review four critical reasons why performing equipment maintenance can help set you up for success this spring. At the end of this blog post, you’ll learn how to get your free step-by-step Spring Equipment Maintenance Checklist from FBN® Finance.

4 Critical Reasons to Conduct Spring Equipment Maintenance

1. Protect the Equipment Quality

Routine tuneups and machinery inspections can prolong the quality of a machine by helping equipment operators notice potential issues and repair equipment when needed. 

2. Minimize Downtime

By proactively preparing equipment, a farmer will be ready for the busy spring season. Charging batteries, filling the gas tank, and other spring maintenance tasks help enable a farmer to begin work at first thaw.

3. Reduce Costs

Proper care and maintenance minimizes the need for repairs. However, if a minor repair is needed, it’s more economical to take care of it immediately than to use the machine until the issue becomes so big that the part or even the entire machine needs to be replaced. 

If spring maintenance reveals that equipment ultimately does need to be replaced, it affords you the time to research your options and negotiate the best rate

4. Promote Safety 

The leading cause of injury on a farm is equipment accidents. Maintenance is critical for helping machines continue to operate safely. 

Take caution, though, while conducting spring maintenance. A spring may have cracked and could cause injury to whoever opens the compartment, a mouse may have chewed on equipment wire, which could spark a fire if plugged in, and chemicals used for cleaning equipment could be toxic. 

New Guide from FBN Finance: Spring Equipment Maintenance Checklist

You don’t need to be a mechanic to perform routine spring maintenance, but it is easy to overlook some of the steps. The free checklist from FBN Finance walks you through the process so you can rest assured your equipment is ready for the quickly approaching start of the season. 

From greasing machine parts to updating technology, the Spring Equipment Maintenance Checklist explains seven steps that can help set up busy farmers like you for success. 

Download the Free Spring Equipment Maintenance Checklist

Click here to access your free Spring Equipment Maintenance Checklist.

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