9 Ways to Invest in Farm Workers Beyond the Paycheck

Investing in your farm staff can mean more than providing a paycheck. There are several common ways that range from ongoing support to one-time incentives.

In this post, we’ll provide nine ways you can invest in your farm workers beyond the paycheck. We’ll also give you insight into how to cover labor costs so that you can hire and retain the best workers. 

1. Health Benefits

It’s important for farmhands to have comprehensive healthcare. There are several things to consider when selecting a health plan. 

We launched FBN® Health to bring a Farmers First® approach to the healthcare needs of those who work on farms. FBN Health offers affordable options to fit different budgets across a nationwide network. Find out more about FBN Health here, including answers to some of the most-asked questions. If it seems like the right fit for your ag operation, fill out this form to start your application process.

2. Disability Insurance

Accidents can happen on a farm, where farm workers can become pinned under tractors when they overturn, slip from ladders, and suffer kicks from animals, just to name a few risks. Disability insurance protects farmhands against the loss of their pay due to a disability. 

3. Paid Sick Time

Everyone gets sick at times, and workers with paid sick time can rest and get well at home before it gets worse or spreads to others on the farm. Those who push themselves to come into work when they’re not well may get sicker, be sick longer, cause accidents, and infect others. 

Paid sick time can also be used for preventative care. This allows farmhands to go to the doctor to receive vaccinations and screenings. Preventive care can help workers maintain health so they can continue working in top condition. 

4. Paid Family and Medical Leave

Paid family and medical leave allows for workers to receive compensation when they need to take an extended amount of time off from working on the farm for a qualified reason. Examples of qualifying reasons include recovering from a serious illness and bonding with a new child in their family.

5. Paid Time Off

Right now, fewer than 20% of farm workers receive paid time off (PTO). It may seem like a luxury, but PTO is important to the mental well-being of farmhands and offering paid vacation time can help create more loyal employees. 

6. Education and Training

Investing in your employees can pay off in the long run. Upskill your farmhands with training in animal husbandry, eco-farming, mechanics, and other agricultural areas, and you won’t need to rely on outside vendors. It can save time and money to have a right-hand farmhand.

7. Housing

Having a place to live on the farm can cut down not only on housing costs but also on commuting times and costs. Your right-hand farmhand may appreciate being nearby so that they can be available quickly should a situation arise where they’re needed. However, other farmhands may prefer not to live on their employer’s property.

8. Profit Sharing

In this context, profit sharing is when employers share a percentage of the business profits with their farmhands. This can be beneficial for farms because it encourages the farmhands to work hard and not waste resources so that the farm can be more profitable. 

9. Cash Bonus

During the holidays or after the harvest season, a cash bonus can be a welcome addition to hourly or salaried pay. It shows gratitude for the hard work of a farmhand.

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