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What's everyone's thoughts on the John Deere Operations Center?

Just curious if anyone is a fan or not of the Operations Center. It seems to be getting better and better.


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We have all JD monitors so it is nice to have a compatible software platform to unload data to without much hassle. We don't use everything on it as we don't have some of the upgrades on our equipment to do so. I like being able to scroll back through years to see what was done previously. I like that it will automatically add planting, harvest, application data to the correct field (if your field...



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We don't use to the full extent that it can, but we do enjoy it on our farm. We run almost all Deere equipment so having everything viewable and uploadable through Operations Center is a great plus. Being able to see field data, tractor locations, maintenance schedules, and more is pretty helpful. Like I said, there is a lot more it can do, and one day we will get there, but it is a very appreciat...