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2019 Corn Yield Compared to 2018 - 11/5/19 (Poll Results)

FBN farmer contributed poll responses spanning 1,266 farms and 4.2 million acres show Western Corn Belt yields coming in below USDA benchmarks from the October WASDE report.

We look forward to further analysis between our FBN member polls and USDA's updated state yield assumptions which will be released this Friday, 11/8/19, in the November WASDE report.

Click the image to see the results!

    2019 Corn Yield Compared to 2018 - 11/5/19 (Poll Results)


Verified FBN Member (IA)

Corn yields in Central Iowa are coming in very good and similar to a year ago.

Verified FBN Member (OH)

I no *****

Verified FBN Member (IN)

If the survey comes back at 159.7bu avg, are these real #s?? FBN's yield forecast is 167.4. Which one should we go off of? Which one is bet...



Verified FBN Member (IN)


Matthew Meisner
Data Scientist
FBN Employee


Great question. In past years, FBN members' self-reported yields in SMS polls have tended to be pessimistic, reporting yields lower than wha...


Verified FBN Member (IL)

38 Bu/A less than last year and I have good crops in central IL

Verified FBN Member (IN)

54 BPA below average in Southern IN.

Verified FBN Member (IL)

40 bushel below average in nw Illinois

Verified FBN Member (MO)

30 bushels/acre below my aph in nw Missouri

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