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Is anyone doing strip till corn on corn?

We just bought an 8 row blu jet strip till bar. I want to try it in continuous corn. I have played around with it and it makes a nice strip in the standing corn stalks, but that doesn’t mean much. How much nitrogen do I need out front? Currently just making strips, not putting any fertilizer in with it. We could set it up to run liquid pretty easily but I think dry is beyond our budget at the moment. Any tips or tricks? What has worked for you? Thanks!


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Been doing corn on corn striptill for several years. We offset 15 inches on thirty in rows and split the row. Some people run about 10 degre...



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Spread 100lbs AMS for stalk decay and sulphur what ever you use for p&k use 28gallons 32% in furrow another 28gal32% before tassel with y dr...



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We are interested too. We built. A. 6 row bar. Tried last year some Map . but think its to deep in band. Want to go to coulters ..

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