Verified FBN Member (SD)


Looking at challenger 765B or C. Anything specific to look for?


Verified FBN Member (IA)

Ear Plugs....LOL I just know a little about the C- CAT motor, We have a E and its so much quieter. But alot more money.


Verified FBN Member (IL)

Can't be worse than some of the older Deeres?

Verified FBN Member (MB, CAN)

On the C they started installing husko hydraulic remotes blocks and they are the shits. I’d go with a B for that reason.


Verified FBN Member (IL)

Same trouble for me with hydraulics on my 765c.Hoses keep popping out, very frustrating!

Verified FBN Member (WA)

I’d second that. We have a 765C and 845C, both have had lots of issues with those Huskos.

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