Verified FBN Member (SD)

Looking at challenger 765B or C. Anything specific to look for?

Verified FBN Member (MB, CAN)

On the C they started installing husko hydraulic remotes blocks and they are the shits. I’d go with a B for that reason.

Verified FBN Member (WA)

I’d second that. We have a 765C and 845C, both have had lots of issues with those Huskos.

Verified FBN Member (IL)

Same trouble for me with hydraulics on my 765c.Hoses keep popping out, very frustrating!

Verified FBN Member (IA)

Ear Plugs....LOL I just know a little about the C- CAT motor, We have a E and its so much quieter. But alot more money.

Verified FBN Member (IL)

Can't be worse than some of the older Deeres?

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