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Act360 rates?

What did you guys run in 2019?

I did 2 oz.

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2 oz is awfully low. Maybe you meant 2 pts? 2 ozs would only be one eighth of a pint.

The label recommends 1-4 pts/100 gal for herbicides and up to 1 pt/100 gal for fungicides and insecticides. If the herbicide, insecticide, or fungicide label says use 0.5% v/v of a COC or NIS, you can probably cut that in half using ACT360, which would be 0.25% v/v or 2 pints/1000gal. Act 360 can go out at 50% to 75% of the normal rate of standard COCs and NISs and still get the job done.

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Sorry, I was talking 2 pints which would be about 3.2 oz per ac on 10 gal/ac.

Thank you

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