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Current grain bin pricing

I was ready to pull the trigger last August on two 70,000 bushels bins. I retreated due to the risk in corn markets at the time.

Has the cost of steel (bins) paralleled the housing cost market? I know lumber skyrocketed, but is now retreating.

Bottom line is now a good time to price grain bins?

Thank you.


Verified FBN Member (SD)

Putting up 48’ 13 ring this week, ordered in December and dealer said steel cost is up 40%

Verified FBN Member (WI)

I ordered 3 bins in December. Bin dealer told me they should be here late September. Price quoted in December has increased %45 now…. And be...


Verified FBN Member (IL)

We did a 36’ 12 ring 40k bin last year and are doing the same thing this year everything identical. The price of the bin alone went up 28 th...



Verified FBN Member (IL)

That was 40,000 bushels total price tag of the bin complete was 108,000

Verified FBN Member

Is that a 40,000 bushel bi or is that the price tag, are new bins 68k ?

Verified FBN Member (ND)

It's always a good time to price grain bins. the true question is now a good time to buy bins. not sure have to get a quote and go from th...


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