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We have seen Palmer amaranth move into our area. What are people using for a chem program?

******/water hemp is now in our area. What have you all found to be effective herbicide programs in corn , beans and wheat?


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Mesotrione is very good on Palmer amaranth (any pigweeds really.) I like it with s-metoolachlor and atrazine; this works well in both corn and milo.

Balance Flex and Anthem Maxx do a really good job pre-emerge in corn.

Huskie is an option in milo, feed, and wheat. If applied correctly, it usually works on Palmer.

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Palmer amaranth has been documented in many areas of SD. SDSU produced a summary in 2018 at . From this SDSU research they concluded "the best control of Palmer amaranth was a preemergence application of S-metolachlor and a post-emergence application of either dicamba or glufosinate. Glyphosate only provided partial cont...