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What is the tallest corn variety that you have grown for silage?

We have been growing corn for 5-6 years for our cows to graze and this year I got sludge applied to my land and want to see how tall I can get the corn to grow. In addition to the sludge I am applying 200 pounds an acre of NH^3 along withs some sulfur and phosphorus. I have recently been able to get the corn to grow to about 10 feet.


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Try Indian corn. Wilda's pride gets super tall with high protein ears


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Our irrigated corn can get 11-12 feet tall with manure and urea. Height depends a lot on irrigation capacity, rainfall and variety selection...


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A couple of the past growing seasons with more than their fare share of rains in late June through July, some of the normal hybrids got tall...


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Origen 15r58 it will be 15 plus feet with about a 6 foot tall ear set


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