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What can I spray on cotton to keep DEER out of the field. They are horrible this year.

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There's a product agXplore has called xplode, supposed to be specifically for wildlife defense, but I've never used it personally

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Nothing will do it consistently

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Lead is the only thing I’ve found to be consistent. Shot 4 out of a soybean field within 2 hours of Plantskydd application @ 1 lb/ac this year. Plantskydd is very expensive and doesn’t perform very well unless you have a significant amount of foliage to treat, which is hard to come by when deer are hammering the crop. Get a depredation permit from the wildlife department and shoot them, the only thing that has helped me.

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Between my brother, father, and I, we shot over 150 deer last year with damage tags and could not tell the difference. It's gotten pretty insane with how many deer we have here. That was over 600 acres of soybeans.

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Bullets. I'm with *******. We killed 28 early in the year. 22 turkeys, and some other stuff. Now time to kill more for the emerging fall crop. Probably kill that many again. hunters stay pissed off, but landowners don't halfway want hunters on land anyways, so I got unmanageable farms. Funny thing the ones with the least action are always leases for hunting. Most I've seen in a field (and my avg is 10 acre) was 105 turkeys at once beating cotton to death, 28 geese in a southern pea field eating seed, and 20 deer chowing down on yellow peas.

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We only have a few turkeys, mostly deer here. But just soooooo many deer. And landowners don’t want you to shoot deer bc they want to hunt them. Leads to so many acres becoming unfarmable. We put in 30 miles of electric 3D fences. They work for now but only a matter of time before they quit working

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