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Yetter devastator opinions?

I’m looking into the Yetter Devastators. What your opinions on them? We farm in NE Arkansas. I’ve never seen them ran and have a few concerns about them. How low to the ground do you have to pick for them to work properly? Looking at the height we pick it looks like they have to hang down pretty far. How do they do in muddy situations? How much trouble are they when trailering the head? We plant on beds and are looking to no-till bean back on top. Do they damage the beds and do they do a good enough job to plant behind them come spring? Any opinions are helpful, thank you.


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We’ve had them for 4 years on a 6 row and love them. No issues even in wet conditions. They have enough pressure to work properly with the snouts several inches off the ground. Will definitely put them on the next head.


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How much $ per row?

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Occasionally they will plug up on really short corn or on top of a terrace if the ground is a little soft really not much of an issue. Not hard to put on the trailer they just fold up under the head

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We use them on a 12 row 30” chopping head on 30” beds . Love them. If it is dry enough to shell corn it’s probably dry enough to run them. real close to trailer tires when loading them but we just make sure machine is on high spot or trailer is on low spot. They can be pinned up also.

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Love them

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First year using it so limited data but have learned have to keep header close to the ground 12-14” stalks left standing to make them work best doesn’t damage the ground because they are rolling on the stalks not the dirt and trailering the head is dependent on what trailer you have some work better than others