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Looking to Create a Digital Office

Looking for advice on a software system that can help eliminate the mountains of paperwork that rolls through my office on a yearly basis. I hate doing paper filing and no matter how careful I try to be, it seems like I misfile several items each year, probably because I'm in a hurry. Besides that, storing all these files takes up a large chunk of space in my office. Having things stored securely on the cloud somewhere seems like great insurance if the unthinkable were to happen and everything was lost to a disaster. Has anyone gone to a near paperless system? If so, is it efficient and simple to control and manage? Not overly expensive? I'll take whatever opinions you all have. Thanks!!


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I save receipt pdf's with the name in a verdor, date (y-m-d format) and keywords of "what it's for" format so I can search for it easily. Then save it all in a cloud share drive - pick your favorite.

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I scan and save files to my computer.

Folder structure is like: My Files/Cargill/2019/2019-12-10settlement.pdf

So under the “my files” folder I have a folder named appropriately for each company that I do business with, example I used above was Cargill. Then under the company folder I have folders for the year (2019) then under that I would have the scanned documents saved by the date “2019-...


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To all of you that scan files to be stored on the computer is there some clever way you name files and arrange folders to make retrieving things simple?

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I use quickbooks, it has a feature when you enter an invoice, bill, deposit, write a check or about anything else’s you can attach a file to these transactions so when I enter an invoice from a vendor I scan it and attach it to the bill I enter in quick books and the toss it is the trash. Same with assembly sheets I attach them to the deposit I put in the register and so on then like mentioned sav...



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Google Drive and Google Docs are your friend. You can share documents and never worry about hitting file>save or backing up your system. I’ve been in technology and office longer than I’ve been back to farming. Ask more specific questions and I’ll give you MY idea/opinion on solutions and they are just that, an opinion.


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One thing I do is scan all my paper work to a PDF file. I put a link to the Epson scanner that I use at the bottom of this post. The software is intelligent enough to read the documents I scan to find a statement date then name the pdf with a unique file name that includes the date. I have a folder system on my computer that separates all my documents by company name then subfolders by the year...