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Is there a way to post videos on here?

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Hi ******, thanks for the question. We don't currently support video uploads directly to Community but it's something we have discussed before as a team and think could be a great future improvement. So stay tuned! In the meantime you can upload links from YouTube or other platforms if you have something you are hoping to share with other FBN members.

Curious, what were you hoping to post a video of? We have thought that agronomy and machinery posts would benefit from video but definitely interested to hear your thoughts.

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I was going to post a video of us thrashing beans. Here is a list of what I would like to see you guys add/fix on here

1. Fix the sort feature. You need to have a function that sorts by posts I have previously viewed that have new comments. You also should be able to sort by distance.

2. Add video support

3. Add a marketing section and other sections odor things people want to talk about


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Thanks for the feedback ******. I'm sure many of us (myself included) would love to see that kind of content in Community! Definitely a use case we'll keep in mind for when we discuss this in our roadmap planning.

Your suggestion for sorting by posts you have viewed that have new comments is a great idea. Adding that one to our to-do list for sure. You can currently filter by distance on the right-hand side by clicking the dropdown that says "Any distance from me." We'll think about how to make that more discoverable.

We actually do have a Marketing topic filter and other topic filters. If you're on the mobile app, just tap the text that says "All Topics" and it will show you the list of filters available.

Thanks for your feedback *******, we really appreciate it!

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