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Does anyone have experience with the Indigo seed treatment on corn, beans, or wheat?

Indigo Ag is offering their seed microbe treatment plus agronomy for $9 an acre. They say 1-3 bu increase on beans and 0-12 bu increase on corn. Does anyone have some experience with Indigo good or bad? Has anyone done some side by side testing to see if they're legit or just smoke and mirrors?

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We signed up for indigo carbon but decided not to use any seed treatment. I talked to someone who used it last year who saw no yield response. Hopefully there are enough others willing to try it to have more 3rd party yield data available to make a decision for 2021.

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I've tried it on wheat and cotton, there was absolutely no difference. Planted a wheat field half with Indigo treatment and the other half with no treatment. Couldn't find the line at harvest time on the yield monitor.

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I tried some of their treated corn 2018. 1)This was under their old program where you had to buy corn seed from Midland Genetics. 2) The field I planted was split between two treated hybrids, both yield in the bottom 25% of our farm and seed cost was $297/bag vs $135-150/bag for our normal seed. 3) Higher ups didn't really care to offer any help or suggestions and asked me to stop posting pictures about their product failure on Twitter. 4) They really wanted to identity preserve their corn that year in hopes to try to get a higher premium. Didn't happen on the IP as I delivered to an elevator but I did still get the premium. 5) Payment was slow to get setup and to be paid; it took a few reminder/checkup phone calls.

All that being said, I believe the program is different now. I think you can pick your hybrid that you'd normally plant and then get it treated. Maybe I'm wrong. I think the idea is a good idea, just not a reliable replicable one yet. I think when it works, it works really well. When it doesn't, you'd have gotten more satisfaction peeing into the wind. I'm rooting for them to succeed as a product like theirs would be awesome to have here in our low rainfall area.

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I currently have a field of Brawl CL treated with their product to try. No results until July, but it looks fine right now. I planted it into millet stubble on part of the field and into pea stubble on the other part of the field.

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Met with top leadership in Memphis at their conference 18 months ago. These people are trying to steal the only remaining bits of privacy we have left on our farm. They will use the carbon market (product of the far left) to regulate our behavior on our own land. The seed treatment is a scam, the indigo transportation leg is a complete joke and their marketing team's story changes from month to month. When are farmers going to wake up!? Do ya'll really think that a bunch of Harvard and MIT people care about the livelihoods of farmers in middle America. Their sole purpose is to find quiet ways to infiltrate our businesses and map our soils, the productinvity of our farms and the behavior on every acre of land in the country. I went to one of those snobby schools and was on the inside of the beast. Farmers are square in the crosshairs. You better read every last word of fine print and then have the smartest attorney in your town read the contract as well before you do business with indigo. I wish you all well.

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