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What’s the best planter setup for corn, soybeans, and canola

Looking to trade one of my air seeders in for a planter. Looking for something with liquid fert in furrow, center fill, and be able to make adjustments on the go. Looking for ideas and advice, thanks in advance


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Was curious on what you decided

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Spent 2 years looking.

JD was close. Great plains was close. And there is an aftermarket company in manitoba that i cant remember the name of off the top of my head.

Settled on a Horsch.

Lift and lower a set of discs for 15 or 30 inch. Either one. To my knowledge Deere can only do the back rank.

Complete set up for liquid including the ball sight glasses on every row. And with the saddle ta...


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1790 Deere split row can be setup to plant 30” corn and 15” canola and beans can be done on a budget or can set it up very elaborately with electric drive and deltaforce which is a big advantage in shallow seeded canola.