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What’s the best planter setup for corn, soybeans, and canola

Looking to trade one of my air seeders in for a planter. Looking for something with liquid fert in furrow, center fill, and be able to make adjustments on the go. Looking for ideas and advice, thanks in advance

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1790 Deere split row can be setup to plant 30” corn and 15” canola and beans can be done on a budget or can set it up very elaborately with electric drive and deltaforce which is a big advantage in shallow seeded canola.

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Spent 2 years looking.

JD was close. Great plains was close. And there is an aftermarket company in manitoba that i cant remember the name of off the top of my head.

Settled on a Horsch.

Lift and lower a set of discs for 15 or 30 inch. Either one. To my knowledge Deere can only do the back rank.

Complete set up for liquid including the ball sight glasses on every row. And with the saddle tanks can put 700 plus 500 gallons on the machine.

Down pressure every row. And a wheel for a seed firmer instead of the keaton stick which affects the accuracy of the placement and can smear the seed and damage it in excessively dry/wet. Which is what we are trying to get away from with planters.

Unparalleled flotation on the tires. Like better than the borgault high floatation machine.

I have seen singluation results on field days at 11 mph. They recommend 9 (and i have rocks so we might try slower than that) with the deere the tube brushes you need to go that fast dont work with canola. With the vaderstad they have an interesting positive pressure which allows them the same speed. But it is literally the only positive i could find with their machine.

Can lift the entire horsch machine up high enough to grease all of it without bending over.

Only challanges i had looking at it was the hydraulic requirements ay 70 gpm for the 60 ft machine ( 30gpm on the 40ft we chose... and make sure your tractor has enough to run itself on top of that).

The liquid fill is still 2" at 1300 gal i should be able to push faster if i want (but the deere doesnt have big enough tanks for that to matter unless you start stacking them on the tractor)

They are both iso compatible. We chose to grab the horsch monitor too. I hate spending all day pressing buttons when i can just look a little to the left.

None of them count every one the small seeds they are too small. But i think they both get 85-95% now

Deere is a good pretty good machine. But in my opinion the Horsch is the class of the field.

Of course some of whether you want a machine depends on whether there is a dealer close enough by.

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Was curious on what you decided

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