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What’s the best grass killer in corn that isn’t glyphosate?

We’re attempting to eliminate the use of glyphosate on our farm but still have grass weed pressure in places. I used Accent Q last year and it worked ok but curious if anyone has any other suggestions. Thanks!

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Basis blend is possibly better but no miracle worker. Touch of atrazine doesn't hurt.

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I’ve had good luck with Laudis and Accent tank mix. Laudis and atrazine controls most common grasses pretty well except Johnsongrass. Sometimes you need to run drop nozzles though.

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We haven’t used glyphosate in corn for 5 years. We miss it ! Our program starts with a full rate of Harness or sure start pre followed post by armizon, impact, or laudis tank mix with 1/2# atrazine. It has worked ok, but grass pressure is building, especially on field edges. We are likely to increase spot treatment with accent for 2020

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Impact has worked the best for us. We also put 1/2 to 1 lb of atrazine with it as well. Make sure to use 3 lbs ams and mso with it.

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Which crop?

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Impact is what we use in non gmo corn.

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We use 3 oz capreno with 1 qt of atrazine, also mso and 1 qt per acre of 28. Works well in Michigan for seed corn and conventional commercial. Spray before v4 over the top. Sometimes we go 50/50 capreno laudis if grass is smaller, it’s a little less harsh if it’s hot out.

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Obviously you're talking corn with the Accent reference. Are you raising corn with traits or conventional. If conventional, 2.5 qts Acuron pre-emerge with a burndown is most effective option. If using traits is Liberty an option? There are no great options for post emerge corn to control emerged grass without posible crop injury.

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Why stop using Roundup?, great weed killer, both grasses & most broad leaves. & cheap to use. Hornet will get the giant rag leaves, that maybe roundup won't kill now, depending on your plants. 3oz. of hornet. I've been using roundup only on my corn since roundup ready corn came out. What, 22 years ago, it was 1996 for soybeans. About 60 gallons a year I use. 200 gallon Sprayer is mounted on the back of tractor that has no cab, with 300 gallon tank on pallet forks, carried by the loader in front. I also use hand sprayer with roundup, around the building site. I am 66.

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Any product with TOPRAMEZONE is about your only option other than liberty... all more expensive than glyphosate.

Armazon and Impact

Armazon Pro

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I use generic Dual early pre-plant on my conventional corn acres, never have a grass problem, $6/acre. Impact works but timing is very important.

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What timing do you shoot for with Impact? We’ve used it for a couple years now and it seems to work pretty well.

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