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what is the best crop after alfalfa

I have only done alfalfa for a few years, this will be my first time taking a 1/4 out of alfalfa (5 yrs). RR ready HarvExtra alfalfa. Wondering the best way to take it out and what crop does best after it.

I would love to be able to spray it and no till into it next spring, don't know it that is possible.


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I had not thought of wheat and have never grown winter wheat, may need to consider that, thanks. What is the latest winter wheat should be planted?

Think moisture could a be an issue for corn after the alfalfa?

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I also did the winter wheat rotation. Sprayed mid August after 12+ inches of regrow for ample surface for chemical. Never had RR hybrid but a 24-D dicamba mix would be a start to kill alfalfa. This would give you another fall spray timing after wheat to clean up escapes. I have watched a neighbor try and control RR alfalfa for six years in a corn soybean rotation, it took wheat rotation to get...


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We usually take 2-3 cuttings off and then kill it with a double rate of ally and no till winter wheat into it in the fall. Usually our best wheat and then we have a great ecofallow corn crop following the wheat.

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Very true if you have perennials

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Hammer it with Dicamba last half September

Perenials start storing sugars deep in the roots in the fall so that is the best time to get a good kill on them.

Any escapes hit it again with dicamba and do a fall application of valor and Dual for the corn next spring

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Spring wheat is what we do. You can use multiple modes of broadleaf herbicides to help knock back the alfalfa.

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Corn. Make the most use of the nitrogen the alfalfa has put in the ground, no till the corn , no herbicide and side dress 40-50lbs of N. It will easily be your highest dollar per acre maker


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I always go no till RR canola after with good luck. But sounds like you have RR alfalfa? That may be trickier!

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We spray normally in the spring and then no till corn into it. You’ll have N credits from the alfalfa so corn is typically best. Make sure you have enough down pressure to get the row unit in the ground but dont forget closing can be challenging so have a good closing system. (Dual yetter poly twisters have worked great for us)