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What’s the best way as a beginning farmer to buy land or find land to rent?

What are the best options for financing for land purchases? Loan options and how to build capital for money down? How about finding land to rent? I started this year running some corn on some family land and would love to grow to a more sustainable size. I have most equipment with no debt but don’t have much cash to put down.


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We just leased our first two farms this year. And we are buying another one this winter. I would say do some scouting this fall for land tha...



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My brother has worked for onXmaps for years! What an interesting way to use the app.

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FSA beginning farmer loans are an option BUT require time and a signed contract. Depending on your office and the time of year, it can take ...


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Look for farmers that need a helping hand or do custom work to generate income. Building a relationship is a better way to get into land. ...



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best way to get land start calling and offering high dollar rent. Not the best way if you want to have friends though. Taking care of what...


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Fsa is the best bet for starting out can often be with 0% down if it appraises out. Finding ground to rent is difficult just try to talk to ...



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Fuck those guy's. FsA will want to know how many times you shit per day and how long.

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